Navtech AdvanceGuard integrated into Dallmeier Hemisphere®

June 30, 2024

Combined solution by Navtech and Dallmeier improves airside surveillance

By combining innovative radar, camera and software technologies, Navtech and Dallmeier electronic now offer an integrated solution for optimised airside security at airports. By integrating the two systems, airport operators can achieve a very high level of objective security against a wide range of threat scenarios at low total cost of ownership.

Airside violations are a major security problem in air traffic. The scenario of possible threats ranges from disruptions of flight operations by activists to serious threats from terrorist activities. By integrating the innovative Navtech radar systems into Dallmeier’s Hemisphere® software suite, airport operators can now implement an optimal solution to improve airside security.

Superior detection and “friend or foe” differentiation

Navtech AdvanceGuard high-resolution sensors automate critical airside tasks such as general Perimeter Protection, Critical Part (CP) Line Monitoring, runway incursion detection, Surface Movement Radar (SMR) and Foreign Object Debris (FOD) detection. AdvanceGuard provides Hemisphere® users with the ability to create multiple virtual zones and alerts operators in advance, enabling proactive threat management. A “friend or foe” integration distinguishes between legitimate and non-legitimate activities, reducing false alarms and increasing operator confidence. The long-range 360° sensors cover large areas with minimal infrastructure, ensuring cost efficiency and effective deployment.

Automatic tracking and effective event handling

If one or more intruders are detected by the Navtech radar system, the system automatically controls connected Dallmeier or third-party cameras responsible for the area. Hemisphere® users can now conduct visual verification of the event and track the intruded persons or objects. Thanks to the bi-directional integration into the Dallmeier Hemisphere® software suite, users benefit from an extremely powerful workflow for handling alarms triggered by the Navtech system. Incidents can be managed from either of the systems.

Maximum security performance, GDPR and NDAA compliance

The integrated solution of Navtech AdvanceGuard and the Dallmeier Hemisphere® software suite minimises the risk of human error and increases objective security by combining two superior technologies that complement each other perfectly. End users can rely on many years of experience of both companies providing solutions in airport security. With the high level of user-friendliness, excellent overview and high degree of automation, the integrated solution also requires comparatively low personnel costs. Both manufacturers follow the “Privacy and Security by Design” principles set out in the GDPR and are NDAA-compliant, ensuring maximum security against cyber-threats and compliance towards existing and upcoming legal regulations.

“At a time when threats are constantly evolving, airside security is critical”, says Simon Mikuzis, Security Segment Leader of Navtech. “By combining our radar technology with Dallmeier’s advanced camera and software systems, we provide airport operators with a comprehensive solution that enables real-time threat analysis and management.”

“We are pleased to partner with Navtech to offer our airport customers an even more comprehensive security solution”, says Karlheinz Biersack, Business Development Director Airports of Dallmeier electronic. “The integration of Navtech’s radar technology into the Dallmeier Hemisphere® software suite and our camera world marks a significant step in the development of integrated security solutions for airports. It emphasises the commitment of both companies to ensuring effective aviation security.”

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