Strategic partnership with Exeon Analytics

July 11, 2024

Real Security d.o.o. Slovenija announces strategic partnership with Exeon Analytics to enhance cybersecurity

Real Security d.o.o. Slovenija, a pioneer in providing cutting-edge business solutions and secure e-commerce technologies, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Exeon Analytics, a leading Swiss cybersecurity company. This collaboration will bring the advanced capabilities of ExeonTrace, Exeon’s Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform, to businesses across the Adria region.

Real Security d.o.o. Slovenija has been at the forefront of integrating innovative technologies into business processes since 1996. With a mission to offer optimal consulting and cost-effective solutions, Real Security has been instrumental in developing secure business models and supporting companies to increase their competitive advantage through reliable and advanced technology.

“We are well aware of the importance of information access and business data to a company and the damage caused by unexpected intrusions or virus outbreaks,” said Renato Uhl, CEO of Real Security d.o.o. Slovenija. “Our partnership with Exeon Analytics aligns perfectly with our mission to provide our clients with reliable and innovative solutions that are both effective and economical.”

Exeon Analytics, renowned for its AI-driven security analytics, has developed ExeonTrace to provide comprehensive network monitoring, immediate detection of cyber threats, and efficient defense of digital assets. Originating from ETH Zurich, ExeonTrace incorporates over a decade of academic research into its award-winning AI algorithms, ensuring a high level of innovation and privacy.

“At Exeon, our mission is to use cutting-edge technology to make the cyber world more secure,” stated Luca Forcellini, Head of Channel of Exeon Analytics. “By partnering with Real Security d.o.o. Slovenija, we are expanding our reach and empowering businesses in the Adria region with our advanced NDR solution, ExeonTrace.”

ExeonTrace’s next-gen network security software solution leverages Machine Learning to provide comprehensive network monitoring and instant detection of potential cyber threats. This platform not only assists security teams in their daily tasks but also elevates an organization’s cybersecurity posture to the next level.

Key Benefits of ExeonTrace:

  • – Comprehensive Network Monitoring: Continuous surveillance to ensure network integrity.
  • – Instant Threat Detection: Rapid identification of cyber threats to enable swift response.
  • – Efficient Defense: Automated processes to safeguard digital assets and maintain business continuity.
  • – Future-Proof Technology: Constant innovation to stay ahead of emerging vulnerabilities.

This partnership is a significant step towards enhancing cybersecurity for businesses in the Adria area, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle the increasingly sophisticated cyber threats of today and tomorrow.

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