About Us

Who is Euro Security?

Euro Security – the security trade magazine for DACH and EMEA in German and English has now been in existence since 1992. Over the years, the appearance and forms of presentation of trade journalism have changed. Thus, the concept for classical and digital publications was further adapted to the information needs of the security industry.

For some years now, the video productions of euro-security.tv have taken up a larger space. Television content is published in parallel in articles with the same content on www.eurosecglobal.de/www.euro-security.de or other channels of the publishing partner SEC GLOBAL Ltd. The videos are also published in the SEC Global newsletter and other social media channels.

Through the newsletter, key topics will also be addressed to specific user groups such as public administration-procurement agencies, different vertical markets such as logistics providers, hospital providers, transport service providers or SMEs. But also a purely technically oriented mailing to installation companies or facility managers can be realized in the form of newsletters.

Through the newsletters and web activities, which are coupled with social media channels, we can work on the pulse of time and are always present in a timely manner on developments in the security industry, but also in society and politics.

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Digital media

From autumn 2022, readers of Euro Security, EuroSecIT and other media will be able to retrieve all digital products from our website. Apart from offering a normal PDF download, we are upgrading this service by also offering a PDF to flip through.

Particularly technical reports, individual interviews and reportages find a place in our media* and appeal especially to experts from the security sector, the public sector, trade and industry as well as politics. Printed magazines are no longer the rule in B2B business fields either. In recent years it has become increasingly apparent that publishing printed media has become unprofitable. Not least because of the changed economic situation, caused by the pandemic, and the advancing digitalisation, we have decided to stop printing magazines from 2023.

Customers who nevertheless wish to continue to receive a printed copy of the pdf copies published online can take out a subscription to a printed journal for twelve copies of the German-language edition per year for 175 euros. The English-language issue (1st per quarter) is available for 95 euros (+shipping costs depending on the country). The journals are digitally printed and sent to you by regular post. For the German and English editions, prices for shipping outside Germany are available on request.

Social media

Up-to-date reporting and timely information are becoming more and more a part of our media usage due to digitalisation and users naturally expect media professionals to provide quick, short and concise news. Here, too, we offer the security industry an up-to-date news service through our channels on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and soon also on TikTok. With our newsletter, which appears once a week in German and English, we summarise our posts once again and also tap into user groups that may not rely on social media in the B2B sector, but are important decision-makers.

With a reel service on Instagram – usually from three to four times a week – we also provide daily information on the news situation in the security industry. We report on trade fairs and events in words and pictures with our video posts. Here, exhibitors at trade fairs have their say, present exhibits and strategies or introduce new team members in sales or support. We also summarise important lectures or panel discussions in reports. These reports are also distributed via social media channels and our website.

Market research

Empirical market research will also play an important role in our portfolio from autumn 2022. Product and technology trends, market reports and opinion spectra or even the evaluation of industry developments will be published regularly through evaluations of surveys. Topic overviews and information on further content can be requested at info@sec-global.org (keyword ‘market research’). It is of course also possible to have a market report prepared individually.

Organisation of events

The exchange of ideas and information, the presentation of opinions and solutions as well as further education are particularly important in technology- and management-based industries. With a regionally based lecture series, SEC Global / Euro Security would like to take an individual approach and invite local experts with specific topics, thus creating a specialist forum that is regionally focused but offers industry-relevant, national or even international content to the auditorium. In 2023, four events will be held in collaboration with other industry players. More information is also available here at info@sec-global.org. In addition, discussion rounds will be organised in the future via video recording or live broadcast. An overview of dates will be available on request from the beginning of January.


*in connection with the electronic offerings, video interviews or reports will be reproduced as articles here