VicOne & BlackBerry help automotive manufacturers and fleet operators detect cyberattacks on software-defined vehicles faster

January 10, 2024

Leading security experts collaborate and use machine learning to enable next-gen VSOCs and fleet management systems to detect cyberattackers early and accurately

VicOne, provider of cybersecurity solutions for the automotive industry, today announced its partnership with BlackBerry Limited to jointly improve cybersecurity in the automotive industry. The partners will utilise machine learning (ML)-based processes at the edge and cloud-driven access to vehicle data. This will enable automotive manufacturers and software developers to investigate costly real cyber attacks in fewer analysis steps and distinguish them from other, non-malicious cyber events.

The combination of BlackBerry IVY® and VicOne solutions enables accurate identification of cyber threats through real-time analysis of on-board data. VicOne’s xCarbon Sensor for IVY™ saves the cost of cloud computing and data traffic through local data processing and scans software-defined vehicles (SDVs) for malicious cyber activity or breaches. This allows the Vehicle Security Operations Centre (VSOC) to focus on real cyberattacks rather than false positive alerts. Together with xNexus, VicOne’s XDR platform for vehicle systems, xCarbon Sensor for IVY visualises attack chains across layers and electronic control units (ECUs), very accurately and in real time.

The joint xCarbon Sensor for IVY solution from BlackBerry IVY and VicOne is particularly relevant for today’s automotive industry, as SDVs rely heavily on different software components from an increasingly diverse supplier network, which together generate huge amounts of data. Conventional ML-based solutions are only able to detect and report “vehicle anomalies” when processing this data, but cannot provide sufficient information for counter-response and cyber defence measures. In contrast, the xCarbon Sensor for IVY correlates vehicle data with additional telemetry data from the ECU system and relevant cyber security incidents to enable early, accurate and actionable threat detection for the next generation of VSOCs.

The security insights gained from VicOne’s xCarbon Sensor for IVY and xNexus solutions are also beneficial to companies in related industries such as car rental, logistics and insurance. For example, the capabilities of both companies’ solutions could be utilised in a fleet management system. The combined solution would recognise whether abnormal data signals or traffic situations are the result of cyber-attacks or other problems and respond accordingly or appropriately, faster and more accurately than is currently possible. This could prevent significant financial losses for fleet operators resulting from direct or indirect costs, such as unnecessary vehicle repairs, increased maintenance costs or lost business due to the reputational damage caused by successfully attacked fleets.

“Our combined services enable the automotive industry to more successfully capitalise on revenue opportunities and better manage the potential risks of SDVs,” said Vito Giallorenzo, SVP General Manager at BlackBerry IVY. “We share a common vision with VicOne to help car manufacturers provide a safe and secure driving experience for their customers. Our collaboration with VicOne is a clear signal to the automotive industry that we are long-term partners they can rely on to help them develop their vehicles worldwide.”

Max Cheng, Chief Executive Officer of VicOne, added: “We are delighted to partner with BlackBerry. Together, we are enabling the automotive industry to stay one step ahead of cyber threats with actionable and timely alerts and potentially avoid devastating impacts on revenue streams. As a pioneer in detecting cyberattacks on connected vehicles, we are helping the industry save time and money and deliver safer SDVs.”

Learn more about how BlackBerry and VicOne are working together to improve cybersecurity in the automotive industry at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. Visit the BlackBerry booth (LVCC West #4224) from 9-12 January.

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