New features of WSO2’s Choreo Digital Platform as a Service expand development and deployment flexibility

October 19, 2022

Companies know that their growth and profitability are directly related to the speed of digital innovation. Yet 75% of IT decision-makers surveyed say it takes them at least a few weeks to implement new ideas, and for some it takes months. The Choreo Digital Platform as a Service offers new features that are available now. They enable companies to deliver new digtal experiences within hours or days.
Choreo is the cloud-native, full lifecycle developer platform that enables developers to rapidly build, collaborate, reuse, deploy and run new digital components such as APIs, microservices, automations and integrations,in serverless mode on any Kubernetes cluster. By abstracting the complexity of Kubernetes, development teams can focus on the business logic of digital experiences.
New to Choreo is Bring Your Own Container (BYOC) functionality, which allows development teams to use applications in the language of their choice. The latest release also features a new Choreo DevOps Portal, which provides an end-to-end DevOps toolchain for deploying and managing containerised workloads in any Kubernetes environment. In addition, Choreo now allows organisations to run private Data Planes in any cloud region or in customers’ private cloud or on-premises Kubernetes environments, regardless of where the Choreo Control Plane is located, for greater deployment flexibility. 


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