High-rise building protected against power failure with battery technology

November 13, 2023

In many places, diesel generators are still used in high-rise buildings when the mains power fails and lifts have to operate for safety reasons. A co-operation project between construction and project developer Bonava and the energy professionals from AKKU SYS shows that there is a more space-saving and environmentally friendly solution.

Bonava has equipped a 20-storey tower block in Berlin with modern battery technology from

AKKU SYS against power failure. “The remarkable project to ensure a reliable power supply was successfully completed and put into operation within two weeks after just a few months of preliminary planning,” reports Martin Tiews, the project manager responsible for the installation. The property, which is 60 metres high and has almost 200 residential units, is now equipped with a so-called battery-supported emergency power system to protect against power failures. An output of 80 kVA was installed to ensure the energy supply for safety-relevant consumers in the residential tower block.

The entire process was supported by the AKKU SYS Group network – from the initial design and planning through to successful acceptance by the test experts. The installation of this system, which can also be installed in existing buildings, did not require any major modifications. Similar systems are already being used successfully in public facilities, hotels, hospitals and industrial plants.

Use of fossil fuels avoided – climate-friendly housing construction

The advantage of a battery-supported emergency power system is that it takes up considerably less space than a system powered by diesel generators. There is also no need to regularly replace fuels, while emissions are avoided.

Oliver Hauf, project manager at Bonava: “Thanks to our collaboration with AKKU SYS and their specialists, we have been able to utilise a new space-saving and environmentally friendly technology. This sets new standards in the construction sector. If appropriate safety equipment is required, the use of this technology improves the carbon footprint, for example by eliminating the need for fossil fuels. A win-win situation for everyone.”

Björn Nowosadtko, Managing Partner at AKKU SYS: “The project impressively demonstrates how current technologies can be utilised to the benefit of the housing industry. Appropriate system technology can now be powered by renewable energies. This investment is not only a good contribution to the carbon footprint, the commercial benefits are also obvious.”

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