New radar sensors from RFbeam

February 13, 2023

RFbeam has expanded its portfolio of 24GHz and 61GHz radar sensors with the K-MD7, a digital 24GHz 2D radar transceiver for traffic applications, and the digital V-LD1, another 61GHz radar distance sensor for level and other distance measurement applications.

The new K-MD7 traffic radar sensor is based on the same technology as the already well-known K-LD7 sensor and is a further development with a narrower antenna and more processing power. This enables higher detection distances and the simultaneous tracking of multiple objects at a maximum distance of 300 m. A wide range of filter functions and parameters help optimise sensor functionality for different application requirements.

Specialised knowledge in analogue or digital signal processing is not required for new developments, which speeds up time to market. In addition to the sensor, an evaluation kit is also provided, which enables convenient parameterisation and evaluation of the sensor.

With the K-MD7 evaluation kit, speed, distance and angle measurements are possible. The sensor can detect moving objects up to a speed of 200 km/h and a maximum distance of 300m. The multi-target tracking of the integrated signal processing can track up to 8 cars simultaneously.  Target list output is via a serial UART interface with an update rate of up to 34 Hz. The operating voltage range is from 3.2V to 5.5V. The detection range is typically 50m for people and150m for vehicles. The sensor has an adjustable detection zone, which is coupled with a digital output. As soon as a target is in this zone, the output is switched, which can ideally be used as a control signal for peripherals.

The V-LD1 is a small and low-cost 61GHz FMCW rangefinder sensor with an ultra-small 12mm x 16mm SMD form factor.

Precise distance measurements with mm accuracy are possible with this fully digital RF sensor. The distance is output via a serial interface and the update rate can be specified by the user. This makes the sensor ideal for very low power applications. The sensor requires only a single 1.8 V power supply, which in combination with the small SMD form factor makes integration very easy.   The beam width of the module is 80 x 80 degrees, and a plastic lens can be used for bundling. RFbeam offers an evaluation kit for the V-MD1 with such a lens, which focuses the beam to approximately 6 x 6 degrees. This increases the detection distance and suppresses targets outside the focused area, which is perfect for tank levelling applications up to a maximum of 50m.

The sensors as well as the associated evaluation kits should be available from Q2 / 2023.

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