A platform for mobile satellite messaging worldwide.

January 6, 2023

A loss of signal is something everyone has experienced. Depending on the situation, it can mean inconvenience, frustration, anxiety, loss of productivity or even loss of life. Bullitt Satellite Connect is designed for those times when mobile phone users have no cellular or WiFi connection.

Globally, mobile phone users lose cellular signal for billions of hours each year. In the US alone, mobile phone users lose cellular reception for over 22 billion hours each year. Bullitt Satellite Connect provides peace of mind and resilient backup for critical communications for those who live, work and play on the edge of coverage.

Bullitt Satellite Connect integrates an ecosystem of innovative technology, satellite and network infrastructure partners. Proprietary software and service components have been developed in parallel to offer satellite-based text messaging through an easy-to-use OTT application (Bullitt Satellite Messenger). It is the only direct-to-home satellite service that uses 3GPP standards, making it fully scalable.

Messaging plans don’t break the bank

Bullitt has developed a range of satellite subscriptions to suit every user. Regardless of whether the service is only used occasionally outside of the reception area or whether it is an essential part of daily life.

All tariffs include a 12-month free trial period for the SOS service, from the moment the smartphone is activated. Tariffs start at 5.00 euros per month, with the “SOS only” option free of charge.

Safety in everyday life

The SOS service gives every user a feeling of security. With a 24/7 multilingual monitoring service that is on hand to help with any incident. Regardless of whether the user is on a mobile network or not, one has the assurance that help will be on hand in the event of an accident.

Communication even across multiple devices on one platform

The Bullitt Satellite Messenger app is a typical modern messaging platform. It offers a familiar user experience that you would expect from a standard messaging app.

It is intelligent and only switches to a satellite connection when no cellular or WiFi signal is available. Integration with the user’s existing address book ensures a seamless user experience, even when using the satellite constellation.

In the app, it is not only possible to send and receive messages, but also to view the connected data quota, manage the subscription and set up and manage check-in messages and recipients. The app can also be used to send an SOS emergency call with pre-configured or customised messages, all monitored by an international response centre.

The Bullitt Satellite Messenger app is available for Android and iOS.

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