Serious falls when climbing onto tankers and isotainers

July 16, 2023

Mobile safety ladder with safety cage prevents serious accidents at work Lateral alignment enables access even in confined spaces

Uneven or slippery surfaces on tank trucks, containers or tank wagons pose a high risk of accidents for workers.During work that nevertheless requires stepping onto the superstructure or protective roof, falls often result in injuries due to a lack of securing devices on the vehicle.The company Triax, a specialist in the field of safety technology, therefore offers a mobile safety ladder with lateral access as a proven solution for such situations.The worker reaches a safety cage mounted on top via an aluminium ladder, which secures the working surface on the vehicle roof.In addition, a patented swivel drawbar system allows easy manoeuvring of the entire structure.The ladder can also be folded back with the help of a winch system, so that it can be moved parallel to the vehicle and parked in a space-saving manner even in confined spaces such as along railway tracks.Triax will present the mobile safety ladder at the A+A trade fair in October 2023.

The ladder can also be folded back with the help of a winch system so that it can be moved parallel to the vehicle and parked in a space-saving manner even in confined spaces such as along railway tracks. Triax will present the mobile safety ladder at the A+A trade fair in October 2023.

Whether for taking samples, cleaning work or checking the manhole – climbing onto vehicles such as tankers and tank trucks is a fixed part of the work in industries with transport vehicles and versatile logistics. However, the access aids attached to the vehicle itself often consist only of simple ladders and stairs, without safety devices such as handrails or railings.”One wrong move can cause a momentous fall not only when working on the vehicle, but already when climbing up,” Dorothée Wavrer, Marketing Manager at Triax, points out. 

Although there are secure off-vehicle access systems, they are usually bulky and inflexible: they often only allow a frontal ascent onto the vehicle or container roof.This makes time-consuming manoeuvring necessary in small yards or in narrow halls, but also between tracks on the platform if there is a lack of space and the vehicle is positioned unfavourably.”This is why access aids are often either too unsafe or too inflexible and cannot be adapted to the individual working environment,” summarises Alexandre Bazin, Sales Manager for the German-speaking area at Triax.

This is made possible by a special swivel drawbar system patented for Triax.

Climbing up is done via a ladder made of resistant aluminium and is facilitated by handrails on both sides. With the help of a crank, the height of the ladder can first be individually adjusted to that of the respective vehicle via a winch system. “In this way, the ladder covers a wide range of possible settings for the different transport vehicles. 

Its height can be flexibly adjusted between 3.17 m and 4.75 m,” adds Bazin. At the top end of the ladder is a protective cage that can be easily positioned on the vehicle surface by means of said winch.To access it, an inward-opening safety gate must be opened.A fall from the safety cage towards the ladder is thus prevented, as it is not possible to open the door to the outside. The safety cage, which consists of sturdy steel tubes, thus provides a delimited and fall-safe working area on the vehicle roof over an area of approximately 3.20 m2.

Climbing in confined spaces due to lateral alignment

The lateral orientation of the ladder also proves to be particularly practical. “With our safety ladder, it is possible to easily fold the ladder backwards by means of an integrated winch system,” explains Bazin. In this way, the construction can be moved parallel along the transport vehicle even in tight spaces – completely independent of its positioning and without time-consuming manoeuvring of the wagon. Thanks to this space-saving adaptation, even very limited space is no longer an obstacle to climbing. 

“Prevention is better than cure and prevention always pays off. We have also designed the mobile safety ladder with all its adaptations according to this principle. Safe vehicle ascent is thus always guaranteed, no matter what the situation,” Bazin sums up.

At the A+A, Triax will present the mobile safety ladder with lateral access.For further information and questions, Marketing Manager Dorothée Wavrer and Sales Manager Alexandre Bazin are available in Hall 4 at Stand D 04.

Further information is available on the Internet at:
What: A+A – The World’s Leading Trade Fair for Safe and Healthy Work
When: 24 to 27 October 2023
Where: Messe Düsseldorf, Hall 4, Stand D 04

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