With Durabook’s robust devices, no danger remains hidden from VCsecurity’s mobile X-ray units

October 24, 2022

VCsecurity’s mobile X-ray devices need to detect covert threats quickly and securely in all environmental conditions. To do this, they need mobile devices that are just as robust and powerful, as well as having very good image display. With Durabook laptops and tablets, VCsecurity offers its customers robust devices for every application area that are both resilient and high-performance, even under extreme conditions, and can be set up quickly.

In many areas of the security sector, it is important to detect what is not visible at first glance. Whether in customs, border control, disarming explosive devices or countering surveillance: danger often lurks beneath the surface.
Finding it is the task of VCsecurity, a division of VisiConsult, one of the world’s leading specialists in industrial X-ray technology. VCsecurity offers portable X-ray equipment, for example, for law enforcement agencies, the military, intelligence agencies or other security authorities. Versatile, durable hardware and full robotic integration make VCsecurity solutions a reliable operational tool.

The challange
VCsecurity’s highly mobile X-ray systems have to work wherever they are needed: indoors or outdoors, in normal as well as extreme conditions, in heat and cold, rain and sun. And they are not alone: the images they produce must be able to be viewed and analysed – on the spot – where decisions have to be made immediately.
This requires mobile devices, tablets or laptops, which are part of the VCsecurity solutions. And these must also function in a wide variety of environments. They have to withstand strong heat and cold, be waterproof, their screen has to be perfectly visible even in direct sunlight, and they have to allow for a good display of X-ray images in all weather conditions and even extreme climates.
That is why VCsecurity uses rugged terminals from Durabook for its systems. These control the highly mobile X-ray systems to quickly and accurately image hazards. The problem: customers have very different requirements for the systems. In the past, many devices had to be customised. This was time-consuming and cost-intensive. Therefore, the company decided to use devices that can be set up in a standardised way and still allow the necessary flexibility. In addition, the procurement process should function smoothly and in a standardised way in the future.

Robust devices for all application areas

Through the German specialist distributor A Ruggserv, VCsecurity became aware of Durabook, the experienced specialist for robust mobile devices. The requirements for the products they were looking for were clear: a good price-performance ratio, high performance, robust quality and high resistance. In addition, the devices had to be quick and easy to set up and there had to be suitable devices for different applications.

The Durabook product line then convinced VCsecurity. The brand offers tablets as well as laptops, from semi-rugged to fully rugged, suitable for a wide range of applications, waterproof, shockproof and resistant even in the most adverse conditions. The DynaView displays enable razor-sharp images even in direct sunlight and with Intel processors of the latest generation, the Durabooks have maximum performance.

VCsecurity now offers its customers a choice of the S15AB, S14I and Z14I laptops and the R11 and U11I tablets.
“We now have standardised user endpoints with a functioning procurement process,” says Benno Braasch M.Sc., Lead Security Systems Developer at VCsecurity. “This allows us to offer our customers the exact device they need, while at the same time significantly simplifying procurement, production and delivery, and reducing set-up time by 15 per cent, for example. In this way, Durabook helps us to permanently increase customer satisfaction.”

“With the Durabook product line, we were able to offer VCsecurity robust mobile hardware for every application area,” said Kristin Schneider, Sales and Marketing at A Ruggserv. “The combination of quality, flexibility, fit for a wide variety of uses and easy configurability makes it perfect for companies that, like VCsecurity, need to cover a wide range of application areas while ensuring the highest performance and deployability under all conceivable conditions.”

“With the Durabook product line, we were able to provide VCsecurity with robust mobile hardware for every application area.”

Kristin Schneider, Sales and Marketing at A Ruggserv

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