Discreet functionality: ASSA ABLOY develops invisibly mountable driver flapXX

September 14, 2023

So-called driver flaps are mainly used on double-leaf fire and smoke protection doors and ensure that both door leaves can be opened via the inactive leaf in the event of danger. However, many driver flaps can only be mounted on the outside of the door leaf, which is particularly detrimental to the appearance of high-quality doors. ASSA ABLOY has therefore developed a solution that is concealed in the rebate of the door.

“Security technology doesn’t have to be beautiful, it should work.” – Especially in the design of escape route and fire protection technology, this credo has long been followed. However, there is a growing demand for products that meet all requirements, but are less prominent and can be harmoniously integrated into architectural concepts. ASSA ABLOY is therefore also constantly developing established technologies such as the driver flap to provide even better and more appealing solutions.

The proven mode of operation remains unchanged: If both door halves are closed and the inactive leaf is opened, a device is required that also opens the active leaf. This is done by the release lever of the driver flap. Opening the door leaves activates the closing sequence control. When both door leaves swing shut again, it ensures the correct closing sequence. The decisive difference between the A105 driver flap and conventional solutions is, however, that the smooth appearance of the door is completely preserved, as all components are mounted in the rebate space and are not visible from the outside.

The set consisting of a counter plate and a mounting plate with release lever can be mounted according to DIN left / DIN right and is equally suitable for doors made of metal and wood. In the latter, the mounting geometry for the driver flap can be milled into the profile – retrofitting is also possible. The prerequisites for this are hinge distances of less than 2,800 mm and a door leaf thickness of at least 55 mm. The use of a top lock with different backsets in the inactive leaf is also no obstacle, as the follower plate has a corresponding recess for this purpose. The different rebate geometry in metal systems is compensated for by an adapter plate that is matched to the profile and onto which the release lever is then screwed. The adapter plate ensures the screw connection in the metal and not in the thermal break of the profile. The use of a top lock is also possible here. If the relevant suitability certificates for the doors in question are available, the all-metal system is also suitable for use on fire, smoke protection and escape doors.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Cannot be mounted visibly in the rebate
  • No damage to the surface of the door leaf
  • Retrofitting possible
  • Installation prepared for vertical top locks on the inactive leaf with different backsets
  • Can be combined with concealed and surface-mounted ASSA ABLOY door closers
  • Can be used on fire and smoke protection doors as well as escape doors
  • Installation DIN left / DIN right
  • For doors with hinge spacing up to 2,800 mm
  • Min. door leaf thickness for wooden doors: 55 mm
  • Mounting plates matched to profile systems
  • Made entirely of metal
  • Areas of application: Public buildings, hotels, offices, residential buildings, private homes etc.

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