Premiere: “Roto Safe” multi-point locks of the latest generation

At BAU in Munich, Roto Frank Fenster- und Türtechnologie (Roto FTT) presented new multi-point locking systems for house, flat and side entrance doors. “Roto Safe A | Tandeo” and “Roto Safe E | Eneo A” meet the highest requirements for burglary protection, according to the company, but at the same time convince with remarkable ease of use. They are the first locking systems on the market to have already been certified according to the latest prEN 15685:2019 standard.

Locking without a key
“Tandeo” and “Eneo A” are RC 2 or RC 3 capable and already have three security locking points as standard. The bolt in the main lock and the automatic power wedges extend simultaneously. They are immediately secured against back pressure. Full insurance cover therefore applies even if the door is only “thrown shut”.

Motorised unlocking
Eneo A” provides a high level of convenience when opening a door. Roto supplies this electromechanical variant with a pre-assembled drive unit. A powerful motor ensures a very short unlocking time and works particularly quietly and quickly, explains the manufacturer. A plug & play connection facilitates installation.

More identical parts
The modular structure of the “Roto Safe” range and the uniform louvres of the new locking devices reduce the complexity of the range and stock management for the fabricator. The frame parts, which are matched to the geometries of many profiles, also harmonise with the new multi-point locks. Door manufacturers can therefore flexibly combine the same frame parts with one of Roto’s different locking systems according to customer requirements.

“Tandeo” and “Eneo A” are equally suitable for DIN right and DIN left doors, as their latches can simply be reversed on site after door installation if required. Employees in door production would therefore quickly develop great confidence in handling the systems, Roto is convinced. By using extensions, the new multi-point locks are suitable for doors up to a height of 3,000 mm.

Flexibly catering to customer preferences
The new multi-point locks for doors with a backset of 35 to 80 mm are available for many common profile systems and, with regard to country-specific requirements, also in variants with round cylinders, for example. Manufacturers can therefore use them flexibly.

As accessories for “Tandeo”, Roto offers an additional lock that is operated via an additional locking cylinder, as well as a door catcher that makes a security chain on the door superfluous.

With the introduction of the new multi-point locks, variants certified according to DIN EN 179 for escape doors are also available, based on the same components.

Comfort in everyday life
The stable and smooth-running design of the new locking systems ensures a pleasant haptic experience, Roto emphasises. A door can be opened with just a slight turn of the key. The optional day release for “Tandeo” is activated by simply flipping a switch on the main lock. Only the latch holds the door, which can now be opened from the outside without a key.

Doors equipped with “Tandeo” or “Eneo A” close particularly quietly, the manufacturer explains. The whisper latch in the main lock and the latches made of high-quality plastic on the additional locks are responsible for this. The low-noise operation supports the user’s perception of high quality and comfort.

High-density for energy efficiency
The latches of the new locks pull the door leaf evenly close to the frame profile. This prevents draughts and reduces heat loss through the door. At the same time, the uniform passive contact pressure counteracts the warping of a door.

Access made easy
The electromechanical locking system “Eneo A” can be combined with all common access control systems; for example with the “Roto ZKS 4in1”. A door can thus be opened either by PIN code, finger scan, Bluetooth-capable mobile phone or an RFID-capable medium. A version of the drive unit with radio receiver is also available.

Tested quality
The functional reliability, corrosion resistance and serviceability of the new Roto multi-point locks have been tested and certified in accordance with the new prEN 15685:2019 standard. The tests for endurance cycles according to DIN EN 1191 (200,000 cycles) were passed, as were the tests of the ift Rosenheim to obtain the QM 342 certification. VdS and SKG** certification are in preparation.

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