A real all-rounder: the new Daitem radio window handle sensor

June 27, 2023

Innovative new product with EN50131-2-6 approval offers triple burglary protection at the window.
The new SH204AX wireless window handle sensor from Daitem offers a particularly high level of security thanks to its innovative and unique triple sensor technology:
Because the sensor not only registers the window positions “Open” and “Closed” like usual contact transmitters, but it also detects whether the window is locked or not. This prevents the alarm system from suggesting a closed window when it is merely resting against the window frame. In addition, the integrated vibration sensor also reacts to the breaking of the window. However, the sensor is not set so sensitively that it would detect a “normal knocking” and trigger a false alarm.
With its triple sensor technology, the new Daitem wireless window handle sensor thus reliably covers all burglary scenarios at the window. The sabotage-protected housing of the sensor also provides additional security. The long battery life of five years, which is part of the standard scope of delivery, should also be emphasised.
The sensor’s radio technology is based on Daitem’s proven TwinBand® technology. It is therefore fully compatible with the Daitem D22 radio alarm system, into which the sensor can be easily integrated. Incidentally, installation is extremely simple, as the sensor can be attached to the underside of the window handle without drilling holes. This also allows it to be removed without a trace, for example when moving house.
Can be combined with almost all commercially available window handles.
The new Daitem wireless window handle sensor is also visually appealing: its design is deliberately simple, so that it hides inconspicuously behind the window handle. Thanks to its slim dimensions of 192 x 24 x 23 millimetres, it can be harmoniously combined with all window handles that have a standard square cross-section of 7 x 7 millimetres.
For market launch, the sensor is available in white, an anthracite-coloured version will follow in May 2023.

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