Alternative to the sensor mat

May 2, 2023

Placed under the bed roll, AnnaCare uses artificial intelligence to analyse vibrations in the bed. If a potentially dangerous situation is detected, e.g. leaving the bed, caregivers are alerted immediately so that help can be provided in time.

Alerting within seconds:

Due to the high detection accuracy and continuous analysis of the vibrations in the bed and room, an alarm is raised quickly and safely. In contrast to other systems, AnnaCare does not miss any rising due to its mode of operation.

The tear-off protection on the two cable connections to the handset prevents damage to the cables, our AnnaCare system and your call system. This protective measure also allows individual partial components to be replaced without tools. This saves costs and resources in the event of a partial defect. Customer benefit is our highest priority. AnnaCare was therefore developed on the basis of vibration analysis. We have rethought patient monitoring and thus created a unique product.

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