Checkpoint Systems Launches the NS45 Nearly Invisible EAS System

February 27, 2023

Checkpoint Systems, a global leader in RFID and RF technology solutions, introduces its latest high-performance RF EAS system – the patent-pending NS45. Rather than being fixed to the floor, the antenna is integrated into checkout counters, allowing it to be virtually invisible in any shop infrastructure and layout.

Following the successful launch of the now award-winning NS40/42 antenna, the NS45 is the latest EAS solution in the NEO family. The latest antenna solution the smallest and most adaptable model in the product family to date, combining discretion with extremely high detection rates. This unobtrusiveness enhances the customer experience and thus favours purchases. In addition, integration with checkout counters increases the responsiveness of security staff, enabling faster intervention in the event of theft.

The NS45 is available in black or white, but can be customised to match the visual design of any shop. The antenna’s LED lighting and audio signals are also variable and can be configured to suit the customer’s needs.

Key features of the NS45 series:

  • inconspicuous and integrable design
  • easy reconfiguration and adaptation to changing floor plans
  • wireless connectivity between systems
  • technology with 360° coverage

Commenting on the launch of the NS45, Nimesh Shah, Global Product Manager for RF/EAS Hardware, said:

“Checkpoint Systems is working closely with POS manufacturers to integrate the patent-pending NS45. By doing so, we create three benefits at once: enhancing the shopping experience, maximising shop revenue and providing more flexibility in adapting the technology to each shop layout.

We know that every customer is different and has individual needs, so with the NS45 we now offer more options for EAS solutions. It’s our response to the ever-evolving market and the new challenges that come with it.”

The NS45 will be unveiled at EuroShop 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany, from 26 February to 2 March, alongside a diverse range of EAS and RFID solutions. Visitors will have the opportunity to try out and test the system at the sample checkout in Hall 6, Stand E23.

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