DroMii: CfSM and AfGG solutions based on Drones as a Service

February 3, 2024

At the trade fair, DroMii presented its DaaS-based CfSM solution (Car-free Street Mapping) as well as the VTOL platform-based solutions FIXAR (FIXAR 007) and SHARE (high-precision camera, SHARE 100M pro (100 megapixels) and oblique camera, PSDK 102S V3). The CfSM solution is a product that uses deep learning and drones to automatically remove images of vehicles on the road. By completely removing the images of vehicles on the road with the CfSM solution, users can accurately see the road condition information that is otherwise obscured by vehicles on the road. In addition, potholes and cracks in the road, the main causes of traffic accidents, can be accurately detected and the accuracy of HDmaps is improved by the precise determination of lane information. The advantage of this technology is that it reduces inaccuracies and variables in information collection compared to traditional technologies, maximizing cost efficiency.

In addition, users can expect the CfSM solution to improve their data collection accuracy as drone technology advances in the future. Currently, the CfSM solution utilizes different types of drones (rotary wing, fixed wing, VTOL) and cameras to prove its practicality in various environments such as national and international roads, and proactively applies it to other solutions.

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