Drones at CES 2023 in Las Vegas

January 6, 2023

This year’s CES takes place throughout Las Vegas and is open to anyone working in the consumer electronics industry. It runs from Thursday 5 January to Sunday 8 January 2023.

The world from the other perspective is important
At CES in Las Vegas, 3100 exhibitors are gathered right now and show, among other things, a variety of product solutions from the internationally important drone manufacturers. Here is an overview of some manufacturers who have further developed their solutions and thus also for the tasks that need to be mastered for further steps into digitalisation:

  • Autel: This drone manufacturer is considered one of DJI’s top competitors and offers the Autel EVO Lite+ drone, among others.
  • DroMii: CfSM (Car-free Street Mapping) uses drones and AI software to create detailed street maps. After capturing 4K aerial images, CfSM’s AI software detects moving objects and removes them from the road to provide a clear picture of road conditions for local authorities and navigation systems.
  • Marine Drone: Originating in South Korea, the drone delivery platform, focuses on last-mile maritime logistics by delivering shipments from the air.
  • Narma: A spin-off company of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Narma builds tilt-rotor delivery drones that can take off and land vertically as well as cruise.
  • Skydio: One of America’s major camera drone manufacturers will showcase its consumer-friendly follow-me drones, among other products.

Winners of the CES 2023 Innovation Awards

The winners of the CES 2023 Innovation Awards have already been announced such as:

  • DROW 4D Lapse: this web-based application allows any drone to take photos of objects or buildings for 3D mapping, building management or inspections. Instead of manually setting waypoints, the drone’s flight path is automated using AI and a 3D point cloud of the object.
  • Skydio Scout: California-developed software allows operators to fly from a specific distance and altitude using Enterprise Controller or Beacon without having to manually operate the drone.
  • SkySafe Cloud: The solution uses city-wide sensor networks to provide data to detect, identify, track and analyse drones in the airspace of various institutions. This is done without expensive hardware.

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