EuroCIS: iD Gate Pro: A new era for RFID-based EAS

February 26, 2024

Nedap, supplier of RFID solutions for the retail industry, is pleased to announce the iD Gate Pro. Nedap’s iD Gate Pro is an RFID-only electronic article surveillance (EAS) system designed to be the most powerful RFID-based EAS system on the market.

The iD Gate Pro represents a new era for RFID-based EAS. With an unmatched detection performance of over 95% in the most demanding retail environments, the iD Gate Pro is the highest performing RFID EAS system available today.

The iD Gate Pro was released with an eye-catching viral marketing campaign on LinkedIn featuring a ballerina dancing gracefully through an iD Gate Pro installation in a theater. During her dance, the advanced technology gives her seamless access, allowing her to playfully interact with the alarms.

Performance like never before.

With the ongoing development of RFID in (fashion) retail, retailers want to use RFID technology beyond inventory management, especially for theft prevention.

The iD Gate Pro not only offers retailers a highly reliable detection rate, but also works without tag-free zones or tag muting. Simply put, items with RFID tags can be brought very close to the system without fear of false alarms, while securing all items in the store. This technology expands your sales floor as garments can be securely placed closer to the entrance.

The importance of RFID deployment at the entrance

A powerful system is not the end goal, but the starting point. We envision retailers providing a seamless shopping experience without having to accept losses. The iD Gate Pro enables an omnichannel loss prevention strategy by reducing the need for hard tags. The iD Gate Pro collects real-time, actionable item-level loss data and enables you to offer fast, flexible and frictionless checkouts.

Key features

  • 95% detection performance, even in challenging retail environments
  • No tag-free zones or tag muting, which increases the retailer’s sales area
  • Reliable alarm line: Always alerts when the item is between the gates
  • New design: An open entrance and visual deterrent
  • Integrated connectivity: Monitoring of system health and performance in a cloud-based dashboard

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