EuroShop: Sensortek – Signaling with LED strips

March 7, 2023

LED lighting is in focus for demand-oriented use as a light source in retail stores as well as for signaling states and events in the industrial environment and logistics, as almost all colors can be generated with LEDs. Typical are the signal colors red, green, blue, and yellow.

  • LED strips can be used in a variety of applications where signaling is important.Typical applications:
  • Signaling in hazardous areas
  • Switching, for example, from red to green and vice versa, as traffic light and warning functions. For example, in indoor logistics systems for operating forklift or driverless transport systems (DTS).
  • Signaling the status of pallet conveyor technology in the floor of distribution centers in the unloading and docking area
  • As auxiliary information in the outdoor freight forwarding area as guidance system and docking aid for truck drivers
  • Use in barrier systems on the barrier boom. Closing when red, opening when green
  • Use as signaling devices for gates with dynamic height limitation
  • Enabling gates of fire exits with LED strips for quick exit with changeover from red to green, as well as signaling inside the gate systems to indicate the closing or opening status for rapidly exiting vehicles to avoid collisions with fast-moving gates

Lighting systems with LED strips are available in basic RGB colors as well as in white, from warm light to cold light suitable for promotional illumination.

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