Frequentis AG: Canada improves its airspace communications with FREQUENTIS X10

August 1, 2023

Canada’s ADM Aéroports de Montréal has selected Frequentis’ innovative X10 VCS to improve its airspace communications. The system will be operated by ADM, but NAV CANADA will also have access and operate radio and telephone resources to provide a contingency solution in the event of an emergency tower evacuation.
“The X10 is the next-generation Frequentis VCS for improved operational continuity across air traffic control. It offers standard setups with short turnaround times, as well as the resilience and cybersecurity features needed for safety-critical air traffic control operations, including multi-level redundancy,” said Michael Lang, managing director, Frequentis Canada. “We are pleased to provide this solution to ADM Aéroports de Montréal to improve flight operations and support NAV CANADA in their role.”

The Frequentis X10 is designed to effectively operate both virtual and traditional airspace environments. By leveraging its agile, state-of-the-art and service-oriented architecture, the X10 enables future operational benefits through seamless integration with other systems. The new architecture concept also provides the flexibility to adjust capacity as needed and ensures the highest operational availability. With multi-redundancy methods implemented out of the box, the X10 leverages two independent IP networks for exceptional redundancy and voice quality for air-to-ground connections through parallel audio.

“The Frequentis X10 is intuitive, easy to use and makes controller training simple. Its functionality fits ADM’s needs and runs as expected. The support from the Frequentis project team has been excellent. They worked tirelessly to solve all the challenges that came up during the installation and the execution of the on-site acceptance,” says Vincent Cormier, APRON Controller ADM Aéroports de Montréal.
With its new service-oriented architecture based on MosaiX, multi-redundancy concepts and compliance with standards such as ED-137, the X10 brings significant innovation to aviation communications, enabling organizations to improve airport operations and maintain safety, even in the face of changing airspace requirements.

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