hifire 4100 XS: The new standard for fire alarm systems

September 23, 2023

Compact design and simple parameterization and operation

Telenot has developed the innovative hifire 4100 XS fire alarm system especially for the requirements in kindergartens and daycare centers, hotels or small boarding houses as well as retirement homes. With its compact design, convenient parameterization with or without a computer, intuitive operation, and connection options for components via radio or wire, Telenot is setting new standards in the field of 1-loop fire alarm systems with the hifire 4100 XS.

Telenot is continuously expanding its portfolio in the field of fire alarm technology. Now, the experts in electronic safety technology are presenting the hifire 4100 XS, an innovative fire warning system that has been specially developed for use in kindergartens and daycare centers, hotels or boarding houses with up to 60 beds, and retirement homes. “This area of special buildings was largely unregulated for many years. DIN VDE V 0826-2 now clearly defines the requirements that fire alarm systems for this area must fulfill. For example, it specifies that all components must comply with the EN-54 series,” explains Simon Schurr, product manager for fire alarm technology at Telenot.

The hifire 4100 XS scores not only with the fulfillment of these requirements. With it, Telenot sets a new standard in the field of 1-loop fire alarm systems. For example, the system is characterized by extremely simple parameterization, convenient maintenance and reliable operation. For example, commissioning can be carried out conveniently directly at the control panel. For this purpose, a configuration wizard is integrated into the system, which is controlled via the app-based interface on the 7-inch color touch display. Here, users and passwords can be created, groups and detector numbers assigned, and user-specific customer texts assigned. Alternatively, the compas-F 4000 parameterization software, which is already used for numerous Telenot fire alarm products, can of course also be used for this purpose.

Operating the system via the display is just as easy. Visual menus and submenus with texts and app icons guide the user intuitively to the individual elements. Additionally integrated status LEDs also help to maintain an overview of the configuration and status of the fire alarm system at all times.

Another plus – the assembly: The system is compactly and efficiently constructed from only three modules – a housing base plate made of hot-dip galvanized and painted metal, an electronics unit fastened with only four screws, which enables simple as well as fast installation and maintenance, and a timelessly designed housing cover made of plastic in signal white.

Thanks to the hybrid connection options, all detector types from Telenot can be integrated into the system using either loop or radio technology, which makes it extremely easy to use in existing and new buildings. Up to 128 fire detectors or a total of up to 254 loop components can be connected to the control panel. The loop components can be addressed both automatically and manually. A total of up to 999 detector groups can be parameterized. A power supply unit is integrated.

For visualization and as a building management interface, the Telenot web server 5088 can also be integrated. In the future, it will also be possible to connect a fire department control panel or a display panel to the hifire 4100 XS.

The system also offers functional reliability in the event of short circuit, wire breakage and faulty loop components. Short-circuit and wire-break detection is localized, i.e. with precise indication of the fault location, directly at the control panel and, of course, during the loop test.

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