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December 5, 2022

MOBOTIX Expands the Possibilities for Video Thermal Solutions in Early Fire Detection, Quality Assurance and Security

A few minutes or even seconds decide whether a disaster or damage can be avoided or at least limited. Seeing more, better and earlier enables more effective action. MOBOTIX Thermal Detection can make a valuable contribution to this. It operates in three main areas: early fire detection – at best, even before flames arise; quality assurance and process optimization; and 24/7 security in object and perimeter protection, which is also GDPR-compliant.

New Products Expand MOBOTIX Thermal Expertise

The new MOBOTIX p71 Thermal ECO camera expands the MOBOTIX thermal portfolio. The Thermal ECO technology was already available as a module for the M73 and S74 multi-lens systems. It now offers affordable thermal image monitoring as a single-lens camera for indoor use with an intelligent camera base and app capability. With its wide 105° angle of view, Thermal ECO technology ideally suits object or perimeter protection applications against intruders and burglars. This applies in absolute darkness and for particular data protection-compliant requirements (DSGVO), as it detects intruders but does not show any details for personal identification (privacy). 

The new MOBOTIX Advanced Radiometry App extends the possibilities of thermal radiometry (TR). It detects critical heat or fire sources with up to twenty measurement areas, each of which you can configure individually. This allows users to include several emission values (radiation from surfaces of different materials) or distances in a single camera image. This makes the application even more precise and flexible.

Leading the way in fire protection – triple certified by fire protection institutions

MOBOTIX is leading the way in fire protection. MOBOTIX thermal camera technology has been certified by three internationally recognized institutions: VdS (German Loss Prevention Association), EN 54-10 (EU standard), and CNPP (French National Center for Prevention and Protection). Here, MOBOTIX Thermal systems were comprehensively tested and certified concerning their ability to detect fires as early as possible. The certificates allow integration into existing fire alarm systems. In addition to comprehensive all-around fire protection, the systems meet insurance companies’ requirements and building regulations.

Thermal technology for higher yields in industry and production

Numerous production and processing operations place particular demands on the temperature of raw materials, intermediate products, or the end product. In addition, the smooth operation of machinery is mandatory. Downtimes cost money. MOBOTIX thermal systems enable preventive maintenance and can trigger a variety of different functions and subsequent processes as soon as tolerance limits are exceeded or undershot. This ensures product quality. MOBOTIX thermal cameras automatically detect and report critical temperature deviations of any kind – whether hot, warm, or cold.

Of particular interest in industrial applications is the comprehensive MOBOTIX Raw Data Support, which supports all AI (artificial intelligence) applications of the respective system. The intelligent MOBOTIX thermal systems can be connected to industrial systems such as SCADA or MQTT via interfaces (machine-to-machine communication). This integration allows the merging of central data.

Collecting, merging, and analyzing data provides essential starting points for making effective decisions and optimizing processes as a basis for savings and revenue increases. AI-based apps, integrated as standard in MOBOTIX systems or can also be developed individually for specific requirements, extend the native camera functions for individual needs, e.g., through behavioral analysis, classification, data enrichment, and much more.

MOBOTIX CEO Thomas Lausten: “Useful. Reliable. Cyber secure.”

“With the new MOBOTIX camera systems and apps, we deliver valuable benefits from a single source. In the thermal sector, we set standards”, summarizes Thomas Lausten, CEO of MOBOTIX AG. “All of our cameras, whether equipped with optical or thermal sensor modules, are among the most robust currently available on the market. “Made in Germany” stands for long-term maintenance-free operation. No product leaves the production halls in Langmeil / Rhineland-Palatinate untested. In addition, MOBOTIX solutions stand for the highest cyber security, GDPR, and NDAA compliance,” said Lausten.

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