More data protection in e-mail communication

February 19, 2024

Securely exchange even large files up to 10 GB with REISSWOLF secure. share. Can be used directly from Outlook in all mail systems in compliance with the GDPR and with inexpensive individual licences instead of expensive enterprise accounts – ideal for SMEs

Every second company in Germany has been the victim of a successful cyberattack in the past 3 years. Email in particular, as an important communication channel, is a favourite ransomware gateway into the company. 82% of all organisations assume that this situation will be further exacerbated by AI and remote working. AI-based tactics such as deepfake phishing are developing rapidly. The emotional manipulation of the people behind the technology offers the greatest chance of success*. Sensitive data is a precious commodity.

Just as everything that is valuable should normally be securely locked away, so should email communication when it comes to content worth protecting. In co-operation with Pointsharp and their Cryptshare software, REISSWOLF has developed an ideal data protection solution that scores points above all for its flexible handling.

The advantages of secure e-mail communication with REISSWOLF secure. share..:

An ad-hoc solution directly from Microsoft Outlook that works in all mail systems. There is no need to create individual user accounts, install apps or overcome other hurdles. The user-friendly tool can be used seamlessly as a web interface or integrated into the familiar working environment as an Outlook plug-in. Individual users can easily book and download it without the need for an enterprise account. Each data transfer is individually encrypted. External recipients can reply via the same encrypted communication channel – even without a licence. Secure, traceable data exchange with files up to 10 GB is possible directly from your own mail programme. There is audit-proof, centralised documentation of all transfers, both on the sender and recipient side, including the option to customise security settings. A provider that has been a recognised data protection expert for decades, with numerous GDPR-compliant solutions for greater data security.

The consistent use of secure email communication with REISSWOLF secure. share. also significantly reduces the risk of social engineering activities. Cost-effective, with little effort and always up to date in terms of data protection law. Particularly interesting for SMEs who know that security solutions must be intuitive to use so that everyone in the company can use them reliably.

*Source: Sosafe Human Risk Review 2023

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