New Bi-Spectrum AI Cameras from Hanwha Vision: Fast Thermal Detection & Visual Identification

July 10, 2023

Hanwha Vision, international provider of video surveillance products and solutions, is launching a new range of AI cameras that simultaneously provide thermal and visual views for the same surveillance area. The TNM-C4940TD, TNM-C4950TD and TNM-C4960TD models are equipped with two lenses that produce a VGA thermal image and a 4K visual image.

The thermal lens enables detection of suspicious perimeter activity even in low light, poor weather conditions or in cases where foliage and other visual barriers block the field of view. The visual lens provides details for identification so that it can be determined whether the suspicious activity is actually an intruder or something else. Hanwha Vision thus enables faster detection and identification without the need to install two separate devices. This reduces the time, equipment required and ongoing maintenance costs, which has a positive impact on the total cost of ownership (TCO).

The cameras feature highly accurate deep-learning-based object detection and classification. The AI-based object recognition minimises the frequency of false alarms, providing operators with a trusted source of relevant events at the perimeter. At the same time, accurate object classification improves operational efficiency by greatly increasing the efficiency of forensic investigations. The cameras recognise human faces as well as specific vehicles and number plates. Irrelevant movements in the field of view, however, are ignored, including trees in the wind, shadows, animals or random objects.

Thanks to the AI capability, the new camera series can also be used for traffic monitoring. For example, it can warn when vehicles stop, potentially causing traffic jams. Even in low light or bad weather conditions, vehicles can also be tracked in the distance with the thermal lens. As vehicles approach the camera, the 4K visual lens provides important detail information, such as vehicle registration number or vehicle type (car, truck, bus, motorbike, bicycle). Operators can also switch between different colour palettes for the thermal image to see even more detail.

In industrial environments, the thermal lens can be used to detect sudden temperature jumps that indicate a possible failure of machinery or piping. In such cases, alerts can be automatically sent to operators to accurately highlight the problem at hand. Using the 4K lens, operators can then learn more about the situation and guide on-site personnel to prevent further malfunctions, hazards or downtime.

The TNM-C4940TD has a 50° visual field of view and a 37° thermal field of view. The TNM-C4950TD has a field of view of 31.9° and 24.2° respectively, and the TNM-C4960TD has a field of view of 17.4° and 13.1° respectively. The bi-spectrum AI cameras from Hanwha Vision thus offer a range of options for different application scenarios.

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