New compression closure from Southco offers visual indication of closure status

May 30, 2023

Southco has expanded its line of VISE ACTION® compression closures with a new version that provides a visual indication of closure status. Southco’s E3 VISE ACTION® compression closure with visual indicator features a red reflective wing-shaped indicator that is easy to see when the closure is open.
This allows the closure status to be monitored at all times. This new closure expands the range of MAKE SAFETY VISIBLE BY SOUTHCO ™ products that provide visual indicators to improve safety and monitor access in a variety of applications.

Southco’s E3 VISE ACTION® compression latch with visual indicator shows latch status from a distance of five metres or more, making it an ideal choice for enclosures in the rail, semiconductor and industrial machinery industries where an unsecured door or panel could compromise safety during operation. Because the E3 VISE ACTION® compression latch with visual indicator allows operators to determine latch status, it improves efficiency, increases safety and reduces maintenance errors. The E3 VISE ACTION® compression shutter with visual indicator is designed for heavy-duty use and is NEMA 4 and IP65 compliant. This makes it a suitable choice for outdoor areas and environments with high vibration and corrosive conditions.

Commercial Product Manager Jonathan Coulter explains, “The E3 VISE ACTION® compression latch with visual indicator provides visual feedback on whether a panel is fully closed, half closed or not secured at all. Like Southco’s standard E3 line products, the visual indicator version provides stable and vibration-resistant closure. It is available in a wide range of holding range lengths and allows easy retrofitting for enclosure protection and security.

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