Security Essen – Booth 5A12: Two new products for key management and ID solutions

September 18, 2022

The Swedish company PAAM Systems offers two products at Security that can be used for key management and ID solutions.

AXSOR is the key management platform where everything is monitored. Because we want you to benefit as much as possible from the system, we offer AXSOR without any restrictions. Therefore, it is possible to connect an unlimited number of EAGLE assemblies, register an unlimited number of objects (both electronically monitored and manually stored and edited) and have an unlimited number of administrators.

EAGLE are the electromechanical storage units connected to AXSOR. You can choose EAGLE in different sizes and security levels. You then connect your keys with a paginated, non-relockable key ring to an identity carrier with a unique RFID chip. This represents the electronically monitored object for which withdrawals and deposits are automatically registered in your EAGLE system.


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