Security Essen – Booth 5A42: New: The retractable 19-inch rack and the AMG570 Compact L2+ Switch

September 18, 2022

AMG Systems Ltd presents: The new 19-inch slide-out rack and AMG570 Compact L2+ Switch:

About the AMG2034 model’s predecessor: The AMG2034’s shallow depth and robust slide-out mechanism provide a simple solution for mounting AMG and non-AMG DIN rail devices in control cabinets for ease of service.

The AMG2034 features a power cord interlock to prevent accidental disconnection. Each rack has screw-in connectors for up to ten devices, depending on product width, and occupies only four RU in the cabinet. As a result, it offers a simple and elegant mounting solution for installations with limited space.

The new rack is available without power supply as a mounting-only system, with one or two redundant power supply(s), or with DC input. Twelve VDC and/or 56 VDC are available on the output side to allow installation of PoE as well as non-PoE devices.

The rack is designed and manufactured in the UK.

AMG570 Compact, one of the smallest managed L2+ switches

The AMG570 Compact is one of the smallest switches on the market, but still offers many of the same features as the larger eleven port model albeit in a smaller package. These thermally efficient devices can be DIN rail or wall mounted, making installation or maintenance quick and easy.

The switch has four Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 ports and two additional multi-rate SFP ports, for 100MB/s, 1Gb/s or 2.5Gb/s data transfer in the ring or uplink to core or distribution networks. This enables flexible use with a small footprint.

With the latest ERPS (G8032) and MRP ring protocol, the Compact provides absolute security even for critical network infrastructure projects. AMG develops hardware, software and firmware in the UK and also manufactures the products there. As a result, AMG retains full control over the security and reliability of its products.

AMG provides free, comprehensive technical support from qualified network engineers.

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