Security Essen – Booth 6A26: Blickfeld presents 3D LiDAR solutions

September 18, 2022

3D LiDAR solutions from Blickfeld measure the distance and size of intruding objects and people very precisely. The associated detection software “Percept” makes alarm decisions very reliably because it distinguishes between people and smaller objects. This means that false alarms caused by small animals, for example, can be effectively avoided. This makes this solution predestined for use in critical infrastructure, as it meets the highest security requirements.

Security live demo at the Blickfeld booth, hall 6, booth 6A26.
security experts forum: Presentation by Raphael Peyman, Blickfeld GmbH, on Sept. 20 at 1:15 p.m. in Hall 6: “Highest Security for Critical Infrastructure through LiDAR Sensors.”

In camera-based security systems, false alarms are often triggered by misperceiving the size of intruding objects. For example, they may extremely overestimate the size of insects flying close to a surveillance camera due to a technical optical illusion. Additionally, when backlit, such as by a spotlight, an insect can shine so brightly that it completely blinds the camera, causing it to miss other objects as well.

Unlike cameras, LiDAR sensors measure distances and therefore do not succumb to this illusion regarding distance and size. LiDAR sensors measure distances and size by capturing the environment in three dimensions with hundreds of thousands of laser pulses per second. The critical aspect here is the resolution, since it determines the size at which an object can be detected. The field-of-view sensors are characterized by an extremely high resolution of up to more than 500 laser lines, which is about 60 times more than other current high-end sensor technology offers. This means that even the smallest objects can be detected at great distances and reported in real time.


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