SicherheitsExpo in Munich: PCS presents new web-based software DEXIOS for building security, time recording and visitor management.

June 20, 2023

PCS will be presenting its new web-based software for enterprise-wide building security, time recording and visitor management for the first time at this year’s SicherheitsExpo from 28 to 29 June 2023. The application, called “DEXIOS”, is based on a modern software architecture and can be integrated into the company organisation via open interfaces as part of an overall solution. An intuitive interface with Launchpad, efficient support via workflows and multiple automated processes and reports ensure ease of use. The software is currently going through the pilot phase.

Software DEXIOS perfectly complements the PCS product portfolio.
As a solution with a flexible, modular structure, DEXIOS offers the highest possible degree of future security in the design of time and access projects. The name refers to the Greek word “Dexiosis”, which means “handshake or greeting each other”. PCS Head of Product Management Daniel Berning explains: “As an access system, DEXIOS gladly welcomes authorised persons at the entrance door and leaves the door securely closed for unauthorised persons. We have incorporated our project and product experience from two decades into DEXIOS and are once again realising our claim to innovation. Our established DEXICON software and the web-based DEXIOS solution thus complement each other perfectly in the product portfolio.” The two solutions will be marketed in parallel in the future, as they cover different customer needs.

DEXIOS focuses on the user experience.
The development of the new application focuses, among other things, on the user experience. A software solution was implemented with which users can quickly find their way around thanks to clear menu structures and thus, for example, safely manage the creation of access profiles and access hardware. DEXIOS can be used by a wide range of users in the company from anywhere directly via web browser and can be operated intuitively. A practical launchpad, workflows for approval processes or the integration of graphical site plans increase convenience.
“In the pilot phase, the first experiences will help us to best prepare DEXIOS for the official market launch,” says Daniel Berning. “The aim is to offer customers the high quality PCS standard in project implementation and service right from the start. “Our customers trust PCS and expect quality, security and reliability from us – coupled with a future-oriented software architecture. This is what DEXIOS by PCS stands for.”

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