Smart retail solutions from Dahua at Euroshop in Düsseldorf

March 7, 2023

From 26 February to 2 March, Dahua exhibited retail solutions at the Euroshop trade fair ( in Düsseldorf in Hall 7a, Stand E11. Also present at the stand were Dahua’s Eco Partners ACRE /Vanderbilt and Deneva DS.

When retail shops fall short of their sales expectations, this can have many causes. While the wrong choice of location, for example, is a cardinal error that is difficult to remedy, other causes of poor business can be remedied surprisingly efficiently through intelligent analysis of shopper behaviour. But even shops that are running well can still be optimised and generate more sales. Dahua’s artificial intelligence (AI) business intelligence solutions help shop operators transform their retail business.

Data is the key to the future. While respecting customer privacy, Dahua offers its partners professional and intelligent Big Data analytics tools and solutions, including: Customer Traffic Analysis, Customer Demographic Analysis, Heatmap Analysis and Loss Prevention. With these tools, Dahua calls it Smart Retail – a real upgrade compared to the standard solution without AI.

Smart Retail Solution
Dahua’s smart retail solution continuously collects various in-store metadata and visually displays this information. These insights form the basis for optimising the shop layout, improving the shopping experience for customers and deploying staff as efficiently as possible. At Euroshop, Dahua will show that such a system does not have to be high-priced and complicated: All that is needed is the DDS Pro V8.2 software, a network video recorder and cameras such as the Panorama IR Fish-Eye network camera, which can be used to implement heat map analysis with AI and efficient queue management. The system is complemented by network cameras such as the WizMind Dual-Lens or the IR Vari-Focus Dome WizMind for people counting and facial recognition for customised VIP customer service.

In day-to-day operations, the smart retail solution enables precise customer flow control, intelligent queue management and customer behaviour and conversion rate analysis. Customer demographics and in-store customer flow analysis can provide important feedback on how the merchandise offering and shop layout should be optimised to generate higher sales. Digital marketing displays can influence buying behaviour through targeted advertising. VIP management is also possible; here AI opens up new possibilities for customer recognition, VIP services, payment and individualised advertising.

Minimise losses: Theft detection
In addition to simple people counting, VIP detection and heat map creation, trained AI systems are also proficient in theft detection. This prevents opportunities for shoplifting and fraud by detecting suspicious people and taking action in real time. As an additional option, publicly visible monitors in the shelf area or at the entrance can effectively reduce theft and fraud. Outside opening hours, an active deterrent camera system can prevent break-ins: It detects unauthorised persons and automatically triggers an alarm. Security staff or a control centre can not only drive away potential thieves with an acoustic warning signal and switching on the lights, but also address them directly via microphone and loudspeaker.

Professional EAS systems
At the same time, as a full-range supplier, Dahua is proud to be able to offer its customers not only video systems but also professional security products such as EAS systems (Electronic Article Surveillance) to protect against the theft of goods. Generally, an EAS system consists of three components: Antennas, labels or tags, separators or deactivators. In modern retail, three types of EAS systems are widely used: acoustic-magnetic (AM), radio frequency (RF) and electromagnetic (EM). Dahua offers a wide range of EAS systems in different bands and materials, in addition to EM systems, to meet customers’ needs.

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