Systems With Intelligence Launches TS3700 Thermal Imaging Sensor

August 12, 2023

Provides early detection of thermal anomalies in substation assets

Systems With Intelligence launched the TS3700 in February 2023. The latest utility-grade thermal imaging sensor in the company’s line up sets itself apart with its unique ability to withstand the harsh environments in electric power applications. The TS3700 Advanced Smart Sensor is engineered for utilities who want built-in temperature analytics and alarms for asset condition monitoring and early detection of temperature anomalies. “We’re proud of the TS3700, it is a unique product,” said Angelo Rizzo – President & CEO. “The sensors are easy to install, set up, and integrate with HMI/SCADA systems and can help companies protect assets, improve safety, maximize uptime, and lower maintenance costs.” These sensors feature a protective housing that can withstand extreme temperatures, providing a high level of protection against challenging environmental conditions. The TS3700 features a high-resolution lens and can provide accurate temperature readings on hundreds of points, of any size and shape. The sensor can be setup to automatically scan the remote site with its programmable pan and tilt base and provide alarms through email or to the SCADA system

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