The new MICARE GPS Tracker protects campers from thieves

July 31, 2023

The travel season is upon us, and while more and more people are discovering the adventure of camping, the risk of theft is also increasing, especially for high-value campers. The long delivery times for replacement vehicles after a theft can ruin a holiday even if the vehicle is insured. To solve this problem and protect campers from unpleasant surprises, MICARE PS has developed an innovative GPS tracker that is specially designed to protect against theft.

The company MICARE PS GmbH has set itself the goal of ensuring the safety and protection of camping vehicles. The novel MICARE GPS Tracker offers an innovative solution to prevent theft and avoid the stress of a stolen vehicle. The MICARE GPS Tracker provides a complete and precise location of the campervan at the touch of a button, even in real time. Using the latest technology, the system provides reliable monitoring and notification functions to react immediately to suspicious movements or changes in location.

Thanks to its compact design, the tracker can be placed discreetly in the vehicle and is thus almost invisible to potential thieves.

What sets the MICARE GPS Tracker apart from other solutions is the advanced technology that has been integrated into the device. The extremely compact tracker has active and passive tracking, a long battery life and reliable data transmission. The compact and thus easily concealable tracker is mounted without connection to the vehicle’s electrical system, thus unaffected by disconnecting or discharging the car battery, and without any other wiring. It is attached magnetically or with a reusable gel adhesive pad. In addition, the user-friendly MICARE GPS app allows easy access to the tracking data and five other useful functions.

”Our MICARE GPS Tracker is designed to protect campers from the increasing risks of theft. With summer just around the corner and the popularity of camping on the rise, we want to ensure that travellers can enjoy the most wonderful time of the year worry-free,” says Antonina Stumpfernagel Managing Director of MICARE PS GmbH.

“The fact that delivery times for campervans are often very long reinforces the need to take preventive measures to avoid theft. Our MICARE GPS Tracker is a reliable solution that saves campers hassle by enabling them to quickly locate their stolen vehicle.”The MICARE GPS Tracker costs 339.00 euros for 24 months including SIM card, is available at and can be installed by the user. Furthermore, there are no monthly basic fees or roaming costs abroad.The MICARE GPS Tracker is available now and can be purchased via the website or from authorised dealers. With this innovative theft protection, camping enthusiasts can enjoy their trips carefree while their vehicle is safely protected.

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