Turns the patio door into an entrance door: the smart window drive ABUS WINTECTO One.

August 11, 2023

  • Smart problem solver – open and lock patio and balcony doors from the outside using the ABUS One app.
  • Easy installation – the conventional handle is unscrewed and the smart window drive is screwed on
  • Simple operation – use even without smartphone with accessories such as remote control, keypad or finger scan

WINTECTO One from ABUS makes it possible to take the dog out to the garden and back again, or to walk into the house with your hands full after shopping on the terrace. In principle, the smart window operator is a battery-operated, motorised handle that replaces the conventional handle and thus turns the classic patio door into a fully-fledged entrance. And it can be done in just a few simple steps, without drilling or pulling cables.

The window handle is controlled via the ABUS One app on the smartphone. This enables convenient control at the touch of a finger on the display. Not only the owner can do this: access authorisations can also be sent to third parties via the app. This means that other family members, friends or tradesmen can also use this second entrance – permanently or for a limited time. Furthermore, the smart window handle can be operated with optionally available components such as a remote control and a keypad or finger scanner installed outside. From the inside, it can still be opened and closed manually like a normal window handle.

Clever, smart and secure.

As you would expect from ABUS products, WINTECTO One offers not only added convenience but also numerous security features – including AES encryption for secure communication between the individual components. This communication is additionally protected by the ABUS security protocol. Each component is also supplied with the ABUS keycard: a digital and unique key that secures it against unauthorised access. In addition, the drive has a 3D alarm sensor system as standard, which already detects an attempted break-in and triggers an alarm via the siren installed on the handle. And for extra mechanical security, WINTECTO One can be upgraded to an additional burglar-resistant window security system with the optional rod set.

Further information on WINTETCO One is also available online at www.abus.com.

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