cirosec TrendDays in March on current topics

February 3, 2023

Supply Chain Attacks, Secure Active Directory, Managed SOC and Attack Path Management

cirosec, the specialist in the IT security sector, will once again be holding its TrendDays in March 2023 on innovative topics in the IT security sector. This time, the focus will be on attacks on supply chains, secure Active Directory, Managed SOC and Attack Path Management.

The TrendDays will be held in Cologne (20 March 2023), Frankfurt (21 March 2023), Stuttgart (22 March 2023) and Munich (23 March 2023). Participation is free of charge.

After a brief welcome, cirosec Managing Director Stefan Strobel will present attacks and possible protective measures on supply chains. He will describe in detail numerous attacks via supply chains from the past and show the special features as well as the different variants of these attacks. He also presents various protective measures and their limitations and recommends strategies for securing the supply chain.

Subsequently, three manufacturers will present their innovative products:

* Managed SOC services based on MS Sentinel or Splunk in the cloud – BlueVoyant.

Many companies use security products from Microsoft as AV solutions, EDR or for AD monitoring. At the same time, there is an increasing need to monitor such security systems and to verify and follow up on the alarms they generate. Since the events of the various Microsoft Defenders already reside in the Microsoft cloud, new SOC operating models are becoming possible, where an external service provider no longer needs to operate its own SIEM, but only needs access to the sentinel in the Azure tenant of its customers. BlueVoyant is one of the most successful providers worldwide in this new area.

* Detecting attacks on the Active Directory – Netwrix

A prerequisite for Active Directory security is a clear, well-defined and carefully configured directory structure that is closely monitored and controlled. Netwrix tools help you identify, analyse and prioritise activities and risks in your Active Directory environment, such as incorrectly configured security policies, the unlawful assignment of permissions and inactive user and computer accounts. In addition, attacks in the context of AD are detected and reported.

* Attack Path Management: how attackers see your network and compromise systems – XM Cyber

Despite many firewalls, new EDR solutions and SOAR platforms, organisations are still being attacked and compromised. XM Cyber’s product shows how attackers can see their victim’s network, exploit vulnerabilities and combine them with misconfigurations. Recommendations for protective measures can also be derived from this.

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