“Explore Innovation: Axis Roadshow 2023 inspires more than 1,000 participants in nine citiesx

October 26, 2023

Axis Communications, provider in the field of network video, was on the road again this year, from the end of August to the end of October, with its roadshow. The Axis Roadshow 2023 visited a total of nine cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and attracted more than 1,000 interested participants across all cities, including distributors, integrators, resellers, IT companies, consultants and end customers. The roadshow was accompanied by several Axis partners who showed their latest products and solutions in an exhibition: 2N, Genetec, Milestone Systems, AG neovo, Eizo, Panduit, Phoenix Contact, Senstar, Wasabi, CamStreamer and BriefCam. This year’s roadshow was themed “Explore Innovation”, with focus topics from the areas of artificial intelligence, cyber security and sustainability. At the roadshow, visitors were able to experience pioneering Axis solutions from these areas live, including the AXIS Q1656-DLE Radar Video Fusion Camera, the AXIS D1110 Video Decoder 4K or the new AXIS D2210-VE Radar. There was also an interactive social programme with keynotes on current industry trends and a technology and product update from Axis Communications. “The Axis Roadshow is somewhat legendary in the security market. I think it’s very good that Axis is coming to us in the region – and doing so nationwide. Here you can meet integrators and manufacturers and you get to see product innovations and new solutions. And of course there is a lot of opportunity for networking in the market. That makes the event something very special,” says Normen Wollmann, Managing Director of Heer GmbH.

Prof. Dr. Clemens Gause, Managing Director at Verband für Sicherheitstechnik e.V., spoke as an external guest speaker about NIS2 and the planned KRITIS umbrella law. (Copyright: Axis Communications)

Top-class keynotes and breakout sessions

Axis Communications was able to secure Prof. Dr. Clemens Gause, Managing Director at the Verband für Sicherheitstechnik e.V. (VfS), as an external keynote guest speaker, who spoke about the EU’s cyber security directive NIS2, the planned KRITIS umbrella law and their impact on the security industry. According to Gause, both initiatives should be seen both as an important step in the right direction and as a long-lasting impulse for the security technology industry. Although the legislative process here is still in its infancy and there are still certain inconsistencies to be resolved, they make an important contribution to raising the general level of cyber resilience in Europe and DACH and to reducing negative effects such as catastrophe dementia, diffusion of responsibility and concentrated unfairness. Jörg Rech, Manager Training Middle Europe at Axis Communications, highlighted in his keynote “Sustainability, Cybersecurity, AI and Metadata”, among other things, which advantages AI-based video analytics can offer. These include, for example, faster evaluation of video material and simplified extraction of important information for forensic purposes. According to Rech, the finalisation of the EU AI Act is particularly relevant for companies in this context, as it will once again have a potential impact on the use of AI-based analytics. There were also three breakout sessions from Axis per city on topics such as end-to-end security solutions, intelligent and sustainable planning of security systems and cyber security. Axis partners 2N, Genetec and Milestone Systems also offered dedicated breakout sessions. On average, 25 interested people attended each of the different sessions.

Maximilian Galland, Manager Sales DACH at Axis Communications, is pleased about the active exchange with partners, distributors and customers. (Copyright: Axis Communications)

Axis Roadshow goes Social Axis also ran a charity campaign throughout the roadshow, donating 1,000 euros per city to a local charity for children and young people, including, for example, the Kinderschutzzentrum in Vienna or the Kinderhospiz Sonnenhof in Berlin. The respective organisations were selected by the regional Axis sales teams. “Over the years, the Axis Roadshow has become a permanent fixture in the local security industry. Our goal has always been to get into direct contact and active exchange with our partners, distributors and customers, to give and receive inspiration and to present product innovations from our company,” says Maximilian Galland, Manager Sales DACH at Axis Communications. “The innovations and topics were particularly exciting this year, as artificial intelligence and automation were in focus: cameras and sensors, or the systems behind these components, are becoming increasingly intelligent. Although this increases the complexity of the overall system, at the same time it results in numerous new, exciting applications.

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