HR Festival europe in Zurich

February 20, 2023

Lothal Datentechnik and PCS show time recording and access control as well as the digital company ID card

The leading event for the HR industry in Switzerland and will take place from 28 to 29.03.2023 in Zurich. At the HR Festival europe, PCS Systemtechnik will present itself together with Lothal Datentechnik in Hall 3, Booth B21 with modern solutions for time and attendance and access control as well as optimal personnel management. For the first time in Switzerland, PCS will present the smartphone app, which can be used as a digital badge for time recording and access control.

The smartphone app communicates via Bluetooth.
The app is suitable for managing digital badges and uses a so-called neon file to store the virtual badge. The digital ID card can also be transmitted remotely without the need to physically hand over a card. It can only be decrypted by INTUS hardware of the current generation, such as an INTUS 700slim access reader or an INTUS 5200 time and attendance terminal.
The app communicates with INTUS hardware via Bluetooth. Both iOS and Android smartphones are supported.

In the event of blackouts, time recording data is buffered in INTUS terminals.
Those who want to be safe in times of possible blackouts rely on the latest INTUS terminals from PCS. Even in the event of a network or power failure, proof of attendance times is not lost, because all time bookings are buffered in the terminal memory. Once the supply is intact again, the booking data is transmitted collectively. Various connection options are available: INTUS time and attendance terminals can communicate with the higher-level time and attendance system via Ethernet, WLAN or mobile radio. The versatile INTUS hardware for time and attendance and access control can be operated in combination with the modular TimeShepherd software solution for optimal time and personnel management.
Solutions and products from Lothal Datentechnik and PCS can be found from 28.03. to 29.03.2023 at the HR Festival europe in Zurich in Hall 3, B21.

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