Structural change within the organisation – New dual leadership leads primion into the future

April 3, 2023

Darío Vicario Ramírez takes over as CEO on 1st April 2023 / Intensify growth strategy

With effect from 1st April 2023, Darío Vicario Ramírez (photo left) will take over as CEO of the T&S Division with primion Technology GmbH in Germany, GET n.v. in Belgium and the Netherlands, primion DIGITEK SLU in Spain, primion SAS in France and Opertis GmbH in Germany. At the same time, he will remain CEO of the Azkoyen Group. Jorge Pons Vorberg (photo right) will be part of the dual leadership in the T&S Division as Managing Director Finance.

The establishment of a dual leadership will contribute significantly to intensifying the growth strategy of the T&S Division. The assignment of complex and intensive management tasks between two managing directors also ensures even better focus and maximum effectiveness.

Darío Vicario Ramírez will be responsible for Sales & Operations, Research & Development, Product Management and Marketing. Jorge Pons Vorberg will be responsible for Finance, Human Resources, IT and Supply Chain.

Darío Vicario Ramírez: “We are convinced that this organizational change will contribute essentially to further strengthen the T&S Division in order to meet upcoming challenges and to actively shape the future of the company”.

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