Change back into politics

May 9, 2023

The previous Chief Executive of BDGW, Florian Graf, was appointed Head of the Senate Chancellery by the new governing Mayor of Berlin, Kai Wegner, on 27 April 2023.
“We very much regret Mr Graf’s departure and thank him for his commitment to the money and value services industry over the past 15 months. The BDGW board and management wish him every success in his future endeavours,” said Michael Mewes, chairman of the BDGW board.

Florian Graf had taken over as Chief Executive Officer of the BDGW Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Geld- und Wertdienste in Berlin on 1 January 2022.

Until a new Chief Executive Officer joins the BDGW, the Managing Director of the BDGW, RA Andreas Paulick, will take over the duties on an interim basis together with the BDGW Board.

Editorial note: We wish Mr Graf every success and fortune for his new position in the Berlin State Chancellery!

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