Fewer German companies are providing training

September 20, 2023

According to the Randstad-ifo personnel manager survey, 19 per cent of companies no longer want to train employees

There are fewer and fewer training companies in Germany. According to the new Randstad-ifo personnel manager survey, just under one in five companies plans to stop offering new training places for the 2023/24 training year. By comparison: in the 2021/22 training year, this proportion was only 15 per cent.

Lack of applicants as reason

According to the survey, 14 per cent say they are currently offering fewer training places than in the previous year. 39 per cent of the companies want to fill the same number of training places, and 19 per cent more than in the previous year. Nine per cent of the training companies say they are still in the process of filling training places.

Trading companies in particular will not offer any new training places in 2023/24. The proportion here is 35 percent. In terms of volume, 15 per cent of commercial enterprises also report that they are offering fewer training places than in the previous year. “The reason for this is probably the lack of applicants,” says Ifo researcher Johanna Garnitz.

Merchant less interesting

According to the expert, the official statistics show that retail salesperson is the most frequently offered training occupation. “At the same time, however, fewer young people see this training occupation as their career aspiration,” says Garnitz. Of the companies participating in the HR manager survey, 80 per cent say they are training companies.

With a share of 71 per cent, the service companies surveyed provide the least training. According to their own statements, 80 per cent of the participating trade and 92 per cent of the industrial companies provide training, the new personnel manager survey concludes.

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