Bavaria: Warning of increased residential burglaries

November 12, 2023

Bavaria’s Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann warns of increased burglaries: Police on the move in residential areas – security technology pays off – burglars caught during priority checks

At the beginning of the dark season, Bavaria’s Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann warns against burglars. Initial trends for this year in the crime statistics already show a Bavaria-wide increase in the number of domestic burglaries. “We have to expect an increase in burglaries, especially in the winter months,” explained Herrmann. “It’s attractive for thieves to go on the prowl when many working people are still out and about and it’s already dusk or dark.” According to Herrmann, the Bavarian police are therefore stepping up patrols at relevant times, especially in residential areas. Herrmann appeals to all citizens: “Make it as difficult as possible for potential burglars and always lock all windows and doors when you leave your home.” Even a carelessly tilted window could be an invitation for an ‘uninvited guest’. “It is very helpful to invest in burglar-resistant doors and windows,” is the Home Secretary’s advice. The criminal investigation department offers a free advice service for all citizens.

According to Herrmann, a special evaluation by the Bavarian State Office of Criminal Investigation showed that 1,131 burglaries were prevented in Bavaria in 2022 thanks to special security technology, as well as 117 burglaries due to attentive citizens who reacted immediately to suspicious observations and informed the police. Thanks to alarm systems and attentive citizens, the Bavarian police were able to arrest 46 burglars near the crime scene last year.

The Minister of the Interior also referred to the police’s regular special operations. As part of a cross-state campaign with Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saxony, the Bavarian police carried out priority checks throughout Bavaria from 26 October to 9 November 2023. The investigators primarily targeted gangs of burglars and thieves, illegal weapons and narcotics. Around 9,900 vehicles and people were checked in Bavaria. The investigators discovered 198 offences, including violations of the Weapons Act and serious traffic offences such as driving under the influence of alcohol. 25 people were provisionally arrested. In Lower Franconia, for example, the police managed to arrest two suspected burglars who already had the burglary tools with them during a check on the BAB7 motorway after an attempted escape. During another check on the BAB3 motorway, investigators were able to take a drug dealer out of circulation who was travelling with 98.8 kilograms of hashish hidden in suitcases.

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