Brandenburg Police – Digitisation process is progressing

February 1, 2024

New app for Brandenburg police enables authenticity checks, reduces multiple entries and improves data accuracy

Brandenburg’s police force is introducing a new app on official smartphones. In future, police officers will be able to use it to digitally record ID documents and licence plates. By optically scanning the stored check digits, the authenticity of the documents can be checked on site and the data can be further processed for filing a report or a search request. Interior Minister Michael Stübgen and Police Commissioner Oliver Stepien announced the roll-out today in Potsdam.

Interior Minister Michael Stübgen: “Easier work and accurate data – these are the two key advantages of the app. Optical scanning of the data avoids unnecessary multiple entries. Transmission errors can also be prevented in this way. The ID documents are not photographed and stored, but only the data in the machine-readable zone is scanned. State-of-the-art equipment is essential for the responsible work of our police in Brandenburg. With the introduction of the app, we are expanding mobile working and reducing additional paperwork at the police station.”

Police Commissioner Oliver Stepien: “The introduction of the ‘mScan’ app represents a further step towards digital police work for us. I would like to sincerely thank all those involved in its development at Brandenburg Police. The digitalisation and implementation of the new app for machine-readable documents and licence plates will further improve work efficiency, especially for colleagues on the guard and changeover service. Following the introduction of the apps for mobile processing and the information and research options, the Brandenburg police are thus making further technological progress.”

The introduction of the “mScan” app is a further step in the extensive digitisation process of the Brandenburg police. In September last year, two apps were introduced that offer mobile case processing as well as information and research options. Since then, it has been possible to localise incident and crime scenes as well as traffic accidents, briefly record the facts using the dictation function and assign file numbers directly. Police enquiries can also be made using a police smartphone.

Other apps for the service smartphones are also being planned. Among other things, it should also be possible to process administrative offences directly on site using the smartphone in future. Existing payment functions will be further expanded, with electronic payment services such as PayPal being added in the first stage.

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