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May 16, 2023

“Creator Economy Survey by The Influencer Marketing Factory: earning options improved
Meta subsidiary Facebook has overtaken Instagram in the popularity of content creators. Nevertheless, TikTok and YouTube in particular are still far ahead, as the “2023 Creator Economy Survey” by The Influencer Marketing Factory ( shows.
Of 660 US creators surveyed, 28 per cent (30 per cent in the previous year) declared their allegiance to TikTok. Instagram fell from 22 to 16 per cent. YouTube improved from 22 to 23 and Facebook from 14 to 17 per cent. Social media experts, meanwhile, cite three main reasons for Facebook’s surge. Meta has been offering the publication of reels – short videos of 90 seconds or less, until then the domain of TikTok – since 2021.
TikTok and YouTube lead the way
Facebook can also come up with a number of tools that allow creators to make money through ads related to short- and long-form content. This also has to do with subscriptions and payments for interaction through posts on the app. Finally, creators enable diversification of their audiences and different content across multiple platforms. This includes Facebook.
Many younger generations are on the rise when it comes to creating great content. In the past, they created their own audiences. That has now changed. Many are looking for proximity to a platform. TikTok and YouTube still lead the way because content creators can make the most money here and it’s hard to switch portals when there are good income opportunities. Facebook seems to have succeeded in improving the earning opportunities, so Instagram is now lagging behind.

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