“KRITIS Praxisleitfaden Videotechnik” provides an overview for those responsible for security.

April 5, 2023

80 pages of orientation for decision-makers on the subject of video technology

“KRITIS” security managers are faced with a multitude of information, new requirements and questions, not least against the background of massive geopolitical changes. The “KRITIS Praxisleitfaden Videotechnik” (KRITIS Video Technology Practical Guide) by Regensburg-based manufacturer Dallmeier electronic aims to provide support here.

BSI law, NIS directive, planned KRITIS umbrella law, data protection, technology decisions, cost pressure: security managers at companies and organisations of the critical infrastructure are currently confronted with numerous challenges. They have to cope with the changed security situation, keep an eye on current legislative initiatives, consider ethical and geopolitical aspects of investment decisions, make sustainable technology decisions and much more.

Compendium with practical tips and questionnaire
In order to support decision-makers and those responsible for security in this dynamic decision-making situation, the Regensburg-based video technology manufacturer Dallmeier electronic decided to bundle the know-how from more than 38 years of experience together with its consulting subsidiary “davidiT”. The result is the 80-page practical guide “Video Technology and Security for Critical Infrastructures”. The document contains a comprehensive collection of important sources of information, assessments of current developments and numerous practical tips on the topic of “Video Technology for Critical Infrastructures”.

Interested persons can find a reading sample on the company’s homepage and can request the document in digital form.

Further information in German language: www.dallmeier.com/de/kritis-praxisleitfaden

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