Mobile Road Blocker M30 from Hörmann

April 5, 2024

Flexible and certified protection for events

Public festivals, music events or Christmas markets – open-air events require appropriate security concepts to provide the best possible protection for the people on site. An important part of this concerns the protection of access routes. Public areas should be protected as well as possible against vehicles such as cars or lorries driving over them. Hörmann offers the Road Blocker M30 mobile drive-through barrier for flexible and certified protection. It is certified in accordance with the latest standard for mobile access protection DIN SPEC 91414-1 and IWA 14-1. According to the manufacturer, Hörmann is currently the only manufacturer to offer a mobile access barrier in accordance with DIN SPEC 91414-1 with tamper resistance class 2.

The Road Blocker M30 mobile drive-through barrier from Hörmann is the perfect solution when secure and flexible access control is required. In its basic form, it consists of a total of three elements. In the centre is the module with the blocking element, which has a blocking height of 800 mm and is raised by a gas pressure spring. The modules for the pedestrian passageway are fitted at each side.

The individual modules can be freely combined, as in a modular system, and can thus be customised according to the requirements of the customer and the area to be protected.

When the blocking element is folded out, the Road Blocker M30 from Hörmann provides practical protection against vehicles breaking through. At the same time, the 1.20 metre wide side modules ensure that wheelchairs, pushchairs etc. can still pass through, and in panic situations there is an escape route. The blocking element can be lowered by authorised personnel so that authorised vehicles, such as ambulances, can pass quickly and easily.

The mobile Road Blocker M30 is installed without anchoring in the ground. This means that no earthworks or power connections are required. This ensures maximum flexibility, as the road blocker can be set up and dismantled quickly and easily within around 20 minutes and is ready for use at a different location a short time later. This means that cities and municipalities can provide suitable protection for areas requiring protection, depending on the event location.

Road Blocker M30 tested in accordance with DIN SPEC 91414-1 and IWA 14-1

The Road Blocker M30 from Hörmann is certified according to the latest standard for mobile access protection: It is DIN SPEC 91414-1:2021-01 tested, which includes the international IWA 14-1:2013. The Hörmann solution therefore fulfils the highest national and international requirements.

The national DIN SPEC 91414-1 is the latest and strictest standard that defines extensive requirements for mobile vehicle barriers. In addition to the classic impact test, it includes a displacement test and a tampering test. According to the manufacturer, the mobile Road Blocker M30 has also been registered as a utility model in Germany.

The impact test of the mobile Road Blocker M30 was carried out in accordance with the international standard IWA 14-1:2013 (7.5 tonne truck at 50 km/h) and resulted in a braking distance of 22.3 metres. During the displacement test, the 7.5-tonne test vehicle was only able to displace the Road Blocker by 0.1 metres in the direction of travel.

The Road Blocker is also certified to tamper resistance class MK2, which indicates the extent to which the protective effect of the barrier can be reduced by potential attackers. The manipulation was tested with commercially available mechanical and electrical tools that could be carried by the perpetrator specifically for manipulation purposes. These included a cow’s foot, a sledgehammer, a bolt cutter and a cordless drill. The manipulation test usually takes five minutes.

Complete solution from a single source: In combination with the Hörmann OktaBlock

In addition to the Road Blocker M30, Hörmann has another bollard-based mobile vehicle barrier in its product range, the OktaBlock, which is also available in a DIN SPEC-certified version. The OktaBlock also offers temporary and stationary protection against vehicles breaking through. Both solutions can be optimally combined with each other. While the OktaBlock can be used to secure large areas quickly and economically, the mobile Road Blocker M30 is used at vehicle passage points.

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