Handout Tetra Siren Control 2.0

August 14, 2023

The PMeV – Netzwerk sichere Kommunikation (Secure Communication Network) has updated its handout on nationwide siren alerting via BOS digital radio, which was published at the beginning of 2022. The association’s Operations Working Group (AG) has now presented the revised version “TETRA Siren Control 2.0”. The updated service concepts of the Federal Agency for Digital Radio of Security Authorities and Organisations (BDBOS) for the BOS digital radio network and the applicable standards for TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) serve as the basis for the handout. The revised version adopts the current updates of the service concepts of the BDBOS – in particular the “usage concept for alerting and telecontrol”.

Tasks of the handout
For the framework conditions defined in the BDBOS “Utilisation Concept Alerting and Telecontrol”, the handout is intended to take into account the needs and special features of sirens and siren controllers in their role as telecontrol receivers and warning devices for warning the population and alerting emergency forces. The handout deals with the special issues of “siren control” and its implementation. It is addressed to interested users and manufacturers. With regard to the BOS digital radio network, the binding performance and functional characteristics specified by the BDBOS are used.

Promotion of nationwide solutions
The aim of the handout is to further promote and support the development of nationwide solutions, without ignoring the special features of the requirements of the Länder. Furthermore, outlooks and proposals for solutions for possible future expansions are given.
Also applicable to other transmission networks besides TETRA
The current version of the handbook covers transmission in a TETRA network. However, the definitions and application rules are not intended to be limited to TETRA, but can also be applied to other transmission networks and will be extended in the future as required.

Siren alerting on the political agenda
At the latest since the flood disaster in July 2021, siren alerting has been back on the political agenda. Against the background of expert forecasts on the consequences of climate change, warning the population with sirens and nationwide siren alerting is more topical than ever. In March 2019, the PMeV – Network for Secure Communication – had already taken up this topic. At that time, the (AG) Operations of the PMeV founded a sub-working group (UAG) on the topic of “siren alerting”.

The UAG brought together representatives and experts from administrations, users, control centre manufacturers, terminal equipment manufacturers and manufacturers of sirens and devices for controlling sirens (siren controllers) in order to deal with the alerting of sirens using the digital radio network for authorities and organisations with security tasks (digital radio BOS) in Germany, to provide practical advice on implementation and to make the elaborations usable for future communication systems of the BOS.

The current version of the handout can be found on the PMeV website in German languge:

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