DGWZ – New draft standard for DIN 14090 “Areas for fire brigades on land

November 16, 2022

A new draft for the standard DIN 14090 “Areas for fire brigades on land” has been published for 1 November 2022. This is pointed out by the German Association for Economic Cooperation (DGWZ). The revision of the previous edition from May 2003 had become necessary in order to adapt the technical content to the changed circumstances. The objection period for the draft standard ends on 21 February 2023.

The technical content of the standard was completely revised, whereby the aerial rescue vehicle turntable ladder DLAK 23/12 according to DIN EN 14043:2014-04 “Aerial rescue vehicles for fire brigades – Turntable ladders with combined movements (automatic turntable ladders) – Safety and performance requirements and test methods” is the basis of the specifications. In addition, normative references and the content of the standard were editorially revised. In future, for example, access routes must be marked by signs with the inscription “Fire brigade access route XX t” (XX as a placeholder for the specification of the load capacity) and “Axle load max. XX t” (XX as a placeholder for the specification of the axle load). Depending on the access situation, a site plan sign may also be required for orientation (e.g. at universities, large company premises or similar) so that the buildings of a property can be reached quickly in the event of a fire. In this case, the site plan must clearly show the staging areas and fire brigade access routes with the inscription “areas for the fire brigade” (access routes marked in black and staging areas in red). The installation and movement areas must also be marked by signs with the inscription “Area for fire brigade XX t” (XX as placeholder for the indication of the load capacity) and “Axle load max. XX t” (XX as placeholder for the indication of the axle load). In addition, the installation area must have a width of at least 5.5 metres and a length of 11 metres and at the same time ensure that all ladder points can be easily reached from there.

DIN 14090:2022-11 – draft specifies terms, dimensions and requirements for the areas on the property required by building law that are necessary for rescuing people and carrying out effective firefighting work. For this purpose, the standard contains the necessary requirements for the design of areas for the fire brigade on properties. In terms of content, it can also be applied to areas for the fire brigade in public areas and is to be used in conjunction with the standards for aerial rescue vehicles, in particular aerial work platforms according to DIN EN 1777 and DIN 14701-1 respectively, as well as turntable ladders according to DIN EN 14043 and DIN EN 14044. In particular, these documents specify requirements for the design and condition of accesses, access routes, installation areas, movement areas and representation of the areas (for example in plans).

“In case of fire, it is not only important to call the fire brigade as quickly as possible, but also to guarantee the accessibility of the areas for fire engines. Entrances that are blocked, too narrow or weight-resistant must not be an obstacle for a fire brigade operation. Every company needs such access routes and fire brigade areas and has the task of planning and implementing these areas for the fire brigade in accordance with DIN 14090,” comments Sebastian Gelfert, certified specialist planner and expert for fire protection and lecturer in the areas of structural, plant and organisational fire protection.

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