Placement of African IT professionals with companies in Europe becomes a success model

October 11, 2022

AmaliTech creates over 1000 trainee positions in Ghana and expands to Rwanda
Companies in Europe get the IT professionals they urgently need from Africa – almost without any time zone difference via the internet. This is the concept with which the non-profit AmaliTech started in Cologne in 2019. And the idea has been comprehensively successful: Today, more than 1000 ICT (Information and Communications Technology) graduates from African universities have been or are currently being trained in special training programmes at the training centre created by AmaliTech in Ghana. Of the trainees who have already completed their training, 90 percent already have a contract of employment. “After the great start in the Ghanaian university town of Takoradi, we have now expanded to Rwanda,” says Martin Hecker, founder and CEO of AmaliTech gGmbH. His goal is to create 3000 trainee positions and 1000 new jobs in Ghana and Rwanda by 2025.

The head of the new AmaliTech Training Academy in Rwanda, Roger Uwayezu, reports: “The further training in our Training Academy, which is free of charge for participants, is a perfect complement to their studies. This is because the IT talents learn practical implementations here through targeted cooperation with European companies and their requirements.” The first trainees have already started in Kigali. In the service centre, their knowledge in the areas of full-stack, backend and frontend development is deepened

AmaliTech’s customers, who already work with experts from Ghana, confirm the quality of the training and the results achieved. For example, the company HERE Technologies: “Since April 2021, we have been working successfully with a team from AmaliTech in Ghana that is responsible for the collection and cleansing of geodata,” reports Rachid El Alaoui, Local Data Intelligence Manager at HERE Technologies. “The results of the project have been instrumental in enabling us to provide highly accurate data and state-of-the-art tools to our customers. We are glad to have taken this step with AmaliTech.”

AmaliTech trains graduates in Africa and offers all of them a professional career path in its own local service centre or helps them on their way to self-employment after successful completion of the training. The project started in 2019 in collaboration with the University in Takoradi, Ghana. “Our project in Ghana has developed dazzlingly and will soon be completely self-financing, with the surpluses generated by the services being fed straight back into the training,” explains Martin Hecker. “The expansion to Rwanda is therefore logical. For example, Rwanda is also one of the African countries that have great potential to offer high-quality digital and business services to the global market. To this end, we are the interface that makes it easier for European companies to find digital talent and work with them,” says Hecker.

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