DUSgateway – new service for passengers

March 26, 2023

Bookable as of 28 March: Through the security check at Düsseldorf Airport by time slot. Photo: Andreas Wiese / Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH

Security check appointments bookable as of 28 March

Travellers can book a time slot for the security check at Düsseldorf Airport from Tuesday, 28 March. The booking is free of charge and can be made online from 72 hours and up to 60 minutes before departure. Passengers who still have to go through passport control can make a booking up to 90 minutes before departure at the latest. The reservation gives passengers access to the “DUSgateway”, a separate passage to the security check at Pier B. Especially convenient: the reservation is automatically synchronised with the boarding pass. This means that passengers only need to put on the code they received at check-in at the automated boarding pass control. Families and groups of up to five people can use the time slot per booking. In addition to a valid e-mail address, the travel date, destination, airline, flight number and the names of the passengers must be entered. A time slot can be selected at a fixed time per quarter of an hour and can be used from five minutes before or until five minutes after the selected time.

“With this service, we offer passengers the opportunity to plan their stay in the terminal more reliably,” explains Dr Henning Pfisterer, Head of Aviation at Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH. “DUSgateway is an important building block in our extensive programme of measures for more stability in operational processes.

It will help to manage passenger flows in a more targeted manner and to utilise the control lanes more evenly.”

Directly next to the DUSgateway, the airport also offers a central Priority Lane. Passengers with a corresponding priority status, which they have previously received through their airline, can go through security in a separate lane. These can be, for example, passengers who have paid a higher fare or who, as frequent flyers, have a corresponding status with their airline.

Passengers who have booked a time slot for the security check should nevertheless allow sufficient time for check-in and baggage check. In order to avoid unnecessarily long waiting times in the terminal, it is recommended that you enquire with the airline before your arrival when the check-in counters will open at the earliest.

Even if a slot has been booked for DUSgateway, each passenger is free to use the other entrances to the security checkpoint. In this case, cancellation of the reservation is requested.

With a little care and preparation, every passenger can actively contribute to ensuring that the security checks run smoothly. “For example, the checks often get bogged down because passengers have to take their laptops, cameras and smartphones out of their hand luggage only after being asked to do so,” explains Daniela Maaßen, press officer at the federal police station at Düsseldorf Airport. “This can be easily avoided if electronic devices are placed separately in a second box right at the beginning. Not only the security staff, but also the other passengers will thank you.”

Has the jacket already been taken off? Change taken out of the trouser pockets? Packed all liquids in a resealable 1-litre bag? It’s often little things like this that can unnecessarily drag out the security check.

Therefore, travellers should definitely observe the following rules in order to get to the gate more quickly:

  1. keep your boarding pass and ID card handy.
  2. take only one piece of hand luggage. Check with the airline beforehand about the permitted dimensions of hand luggage. 3.
  3. make sure that liquids in your hand luggage do not exceed the permitted volume of 100 millilitres each. These must be placed in a resealable plastic bag with a maximum volume of one litre. 4.
  4. electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones and cameras must be placed separately in the tub.
  5. leave prohibited items at home. These include pointed and sharp objects such as scissors and pocket knives with blades longer than six centimetres, razor blades, fireworks and filled petrol lighters.

All information about hand luggage can be found at Handgepäck (dus.com).

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