ChatGPT in recruiting and artificial intelligence in employee search

July 10, 2023

Do new creative ways also bring new creative employees? Recruit Millennials and Generation Z!

In times of a shortage of skilled workers and the ever-increasing competition for qualified employees, it is more important than ever to pursue innovative ways to attract talented applicants. Also with the help of ChatGPT and artificial intelligence! Advertising therapist and coach Alois Gmeiner helps companies to exploit the possibilities of ChatGPT with brainstorming, consultations and training. He helps to use AI to develop a customised strategy that both strengthens the company’s brand and inspires applicants right from the start.

Traditional recruitment ads are obsolete

Companies worldwide are already using artificial intelligence to optimise their recruitment processes. Above all, they are looking for ideas on how to inspire new employees, including those of Generation Z and Millenials, for their company. “With ChatGPT, a powerful AI platform, we can speed up the brainstorming process and also the creation of relevant candidate documents.

This allows us to very specifically target potential applicants in a unique way and offer them a personalised experience. This goes as far as integrating ChatGPT to interact with applicants on time and answer questions immediately. It’s hard to believe, but certain programming already manages to accept applications and actively conduct interviews to offer pre-selection,” says creative coach Alois Gmeiner.

Why AI as support in recruiting?

“I have been working as a communications professional for companies and freelancers for decades. Today, however, it is increasingly not about canvassing for customers, but about actively recruiting employees. And here, too, the traditional and classical advertising laws hit the nail on the head. But instead of a U.S.P. (Unique Selling Proposition) we have to offer a U.H.P. (Unique Hiring Proposition – the unique job advantage) to be successful. Here I try to establish new perspectives in the companies and especially in the HR departments in order to create space to be able to go new creative ways in recruiting employees,” Gmeiner emphasises.

Why should recruiters rely on ChatGPT and artificial intelligence?

The benefits are obvious: idea generation, content generation, but ChatGPT is also available 24/7 to serve applicants and offers many seamless, user-friendly ways to interact directly and immediately. It can also serve multiple applicants online at the same time and answer questions. In addition, ChatGPT is continuously learning and improving with each conversation.

First and foremost, companies can take employee recruitment to a new level. Instead of lengthy application processes and time-consuming interviews, ChatGPT provides an efficient way to identify and engage talented applicants. Their expertise enables companies to ask the right questions to better understand candidate profiles and select the best possible candidates.

Creative and communication expert Alois Gmeiner advises on the path to innovative employee recruitment. Together with Artificial Intelligence (AI), new paths can be taken and highly qualified employees can be recruited, but also kept in the company for as long as possible!

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