Thales key management innovations help enterprises achieve digital sovereignty in hybrid and multi-cloud environments

October 16, 2022

  • CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager helps organisations meet compliance requirements and support data management in hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  • Latest Bring Your Own Key integrations include support for encryption in Google Gmail and greater control over keys for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and SAP Data Custodian

Thales announces key innovations to CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager. They help organisations meet digital sovereignty requirements in large public clouds such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, SAP and Salesforce. Organisations using these cloud providers can now use the Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) capabilities of CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager to improve data security and encryption key ownership.

According to the Thales Cloud Security Study 2022, the adoption of multi-cloud solutions is increasing, with 72 per cent of all organisations surveyed using multiple cloud service providers. In addition, 52 per cent of respondents in the study said they manage the keys to their encrypted cloud data in the cloud provider’s console. With BYOK functionality, customers can centralise key management across all clouds, with external key management services ensuring full encryption capabilities and key lifecycle management to maintain control of sensitive data across multiple public clouds.

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager, the industry-leading multi-cloud encryption key lifecycle management solution, enables organisations to migrate to the cloud and manage both cloud native keys and Bring Your Own Keys (BYOK). Thales’ service supports the growing preference of organisations to manage and control their own keys outside of the cloud where their sensitive data is stored, achieve regulatory compliance and realise the full potential of their multi-cloud environment.

Todd Moore, VP, Encryption Products at Thales, says: “Businesses across all industries are moving to the cloud and migrating their sensitive data in the process. While this brings significant benefits, IT professionals must also address the newly discovered security implications of this shift. We are helping our customers address critical data governance, risk and compliance challenges in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, while meeting the increasingly common desire of organisations to centralise, manage and control their high-value keys for use in the cloud.”

These latest integrations help build customers’ confidence in their cloud migration by ensuring data always remains private and encrypted, regardless of the location or state of the data. CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager now supports:

  • Amazon Web Services with BYOK for AWS GovCloud, BYOK for AWS China Cloud, and support for AWS CloudHSM.
  • Google Cloud with Customer Managed Encryption Keys, External Key Management (HYOK) and Ubiquitous Data Encryption.
  • Google Workspace with client-side encryption for Drive, Meet, Calendar and Gmail – and thus the first BYOK encryption support for Gmail
  • Microsoft Azure with BYOK for Microsoft Azure GovCloud, Microsoft Azure Stack and Microsoft Azure Managed HSM
  • Microsoft Office365 with BYOK via Azure Key Vault
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with BYOK
  • Salesforce/Sandbox with BYOK and Cache-Only Key Service (HYOK)
  • SAP with BYOK for Data Custodian

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager provides a solution that unifies various interfaces across hybrid and multi-cloud environments and presents them in a consolidated, centralised view, offering customers the following key benefits:

  • Controlling data sovereignty in the cloud: Providing customers with the tools they need to protect data anywhere and in any state – at rest, in transit or in use – increasing the operational efficiency and security of their cloud deployment.
  • Creating choice for customers across clouds: enabling cloud migration by maximising integrations and data controls, regardless of the cloud or combination of clouds used.
  • Managing risk in an evolving compliance landscape: Ensuring vendor independence by demonstrating risk assessment and compliance, enabling portability across different clouds.

Thales’ ongoing partnership with multiple cloud service platforms helps customers address potential challenges, mitigate risk, ensure compliance and increase operational resilience in hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.

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